The Masked Fisherman

One more from Sunday's outing which started off at the State Street Landing where I spotted this young man fishing off the dock. Despite no one around, he had a mask around his face which was really nice to see. I got lucky with this frame to capture the line sailing over the Neck while a boat (yacht?) named Murphy's Law made its way out of the harbor.

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Summer Nights in Marblehead

Sometimes as I go through my 'to be posted' archive, I come across an image and wonder why it didn't make the cut initially. In this case, I looked back and found that I had been playing with reflections of the lighthouse in a puddle of water from a recent rain and then later was treated to an even nicer sunset sky. B0th of those images were shared shortly after this outing on July 18, 2017 but this one stayed back. Looking at it now, all of the elements of summer nights in Marblehead seem to be perfectly captured in [...]

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Night of the Aurora

In 2015, strong solar storms allowed Marbleheaders to view the aurora borealis on two occasions - March and June.  This is my last image from the earlier outing on March 17, 2015 that I had yet to share. With the sun having since diminished the frequency and severity of storms, I'm not sure that we'll have a chance to view these purple and green colors again for a while. *Note - the colors were not visible to the naked eye but required a long (25 second) exposure by the camera sensor

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By the Light of the Moon

A few days ago, I saw that a group of volunteers climbed Marblehead Light to adorn it with holiday lights a bit earlier than the usual Fourth of July weekend. The move was meant to offer a bit of light to those sheltering in place as we all wait for the coronavirus pandemic to pass. With the lighthouse normally lit only twice a year, I've had few opportunities to capture a moonrise against the light of the moon and thus made a point of heading down to Front Street this evening to capture the view. Unfortunately, clouds blocked the moonrise [...]

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This Too Shall Pass

On Friday March 13th, I chased a passing storm and ended up on Front Street from where I started off shooting a tight composition of the lighthouse and Neck with some waves breaking on the rocks of Fort Beach. I later zoomed out and captured the full view including the missing Great Tree and shared that image earlier. I came back to this image this weekend after my first week 'off' work. As a part-owner of our Allergy practice, I have not been off at all. We have tried to pivot to telemedicine all while grappling with the very real [...]

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Gone but not Forgotten

On Friday, March 13th, on what would end up being my last real day of work for the forseeable future, I headed out at 5:30pm to chase some light. I had no destination in mind as I drove down Pleasant Street then State. I pulled into and out of the Landing lot and then headed down Front Street until I pulled over at Fort Beach. That spot offered me the best view of the interesting clouds and light over Chandler Hovey Park and I started off shooting a tight composition of that section of this image with my zoom extended. [...]

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Snow Moon in a Winter without Snow

I lucked out with tonight's outing to capture the snow moon rising when I contacted my book designer and was invited over to shoot from her husband's third floor office window. Not only did I have a perfect vantage point, but I was able to escape the brutally cold wind that would have left me cold but also caused the camera and lens to move as well impacting the final image. The timing of the full moonrise wasn't ideal as the moon climbed above the horizon more than 30 minutes before sunset. As it happened, the moon had to rise [...]

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Top 10 of 2019 – #8 – Hunting the Moon in Marblehead

On October 13th, I went out to capture the Hunters moon rising over the neck and was initially upset with the cloud cover that prevented my capturing any detail in the moon.  As soon as the moon rose over the Corinthian, I noticed how nicely the path of light mirrored Marblehead Light's green beacon reflected in the harbor and captured this image. For making the best of a situation and for a nearly full and calm harbor on this mid-October evening, 'Hunting the Moon in Marblehead' is my eighth favorite image of 2019.

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