Sailing by the Corinthian

I managed to catch one other sailboat during my outing on Tuesday afternoon. Exactly 20 seconds after capturing the sailboat crossing in front of Abbot Hall, I turned and caught this boat sailing by the Corinthian Yacht Club. Reminder: I will be at the Fall Fair in the Lee Mansion gardens on Saturday, October 1 from 10am to 2pm with my 2023 Marblehead Calendars available for purchase. There will be lots of vendors including Bent Water brewing so please stop by on what promises to be a beautiful fall day.

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Sliver of Sunrise

Last week, I awoke before dawn to capture the full Harvest moon setting and, as luck would have it, had 10 minutes to reach my next destination before the sun rose. I ended up at the State Street Landing where I was able to set up with my longest lens for the composition. As soon as I saw that sliver of sunrise, a smile spread across my face. I continued to shoot and adjust the composition as the full circle of the sun became clear with a red haze from recent wildfires out west. I shared the shot of the [...]

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The Sun Also Rises

I haven't been out to shoot a sunrise in what feels like forever and had actually woken at 5:15am on Saturday morning to shoot in the opposite direction to capture the full Harvest moon setting (that shot came out great - posting Monday morning). After shooting the moon from Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted the haze where the sun was due to rise and realized I had 10 minutes to find a new spot. I drove across the causeway at the the State Street Landing from where I found this composition with boats filling their moorings on a mid-September morning [...]

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Summer Days at Chandler Hovey

In mid-July, we were invited for a short cruise out of the harbor and I lucked out with incredible cloud cover to allow me almost endless compositions. As we made our way out of the harbor, I set up this shot with Marblehead Light against a backdrop of cumulus clouds and lucked out with a lone boat (Flying Horse) crossing in front of Chandler Hovey Park. The end result of a sidelit lighthouse with beautiful clouds behind it brings to mind summer in Marblehead and I thought it fitting to share at the end of meteorologic summer today.

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Watching the Boats Come In

August 7th was a really hot day in Marblehead and I had decided to chase these cumulus clouds out to Chandler Hovey Park.  I walked out of my air conditioned car and almost immediately turned back but then forced myself to explore photo options. It was near the edge of the park that I was able to compose a shot to include the beautiful cloud cover while keeping Marblehead Light at the edge of the frame. Between the brown grass and the view of people sitting under the shade of the structure, I think the temperature of this day can [...]

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Summer Days on the Harbor

Another image from my chase of cumulus clouds on a 99 degree summer day on the harbor. I had left Castle Rock and headed to Chandler Hovey before circulating back down to Foster Street. From here I knew I could capture a number of compositions looking across the harbor toward Abbot Hall but also towards the mouth of the harbor. When I spotted the launch for the Eastern Yacht Club idling, I knew I would start with this shot angling to get the Corinthian Yacht Club and Marblehead Light in the background.  The otherwise full harbor and great clouds overhead [...]

Stacked Boats and Marblehead Light

On June 13th, I headed to Crocker Park for the moonrise but arrived a bit early. The sky was clear which was perfect for capturing the moon close to the horizon but meant little in the way of interest for a bonus sunset shot. However, as the sun began to set, it cast a nice soft light on the stacked boats in the harbor and I found this simple composition with Marblehead Light centered in the top of the frame. I'm not sure what it is about this shot but I ended up liking much more than I expected.  Hope [...]

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Cloudscape at Chandler Hovey Park

I told you the light had been changing quickly on last Thursday quick tour through Marblehead Harbor. We had sun rays over Abbot Hall, dramatic light towards Fort Sewall and this great cloudscape behind Chandler Hovey Park as we made it out of the harbor. We continued on for a bit before turning around and I managed a few more shots on the return. Lots more to come from this outing but hope you are able to get out on a boat and enjoy a very similar view of Chandler Hovey Park either on leaving or returning to Marblehead harbor. [...]

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Moon Light

I knew this one was going to be tough. The biggest moon of the year (the proverbial supermoon) was due to rise 30 minutes after sunset. That's an eternity of lost light and would make for a very technically difficult shot but also made compositional options difficult. With the moon being so much brighter than anything around it, the foreground elements would end up lost short of some multi-exposure tricks. Then it dawned on me that Marblehead Light was still draped in led lights from the Independence Day holiday so I planned out my location at the edge of Fort [...]

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Lighthouse Sunset

On July 2nd, I had made my way to Chandler Hovey Park to capture a promising sunset. I shot from the edge of the park where the cliff faces Cove Beach and then turned towards my car as the light faded. As usual, I looked back one last time before calling it a night and saw this composition. I used my widest lens to take in the view of Marblehead Light, the flagpole and that weather battered tree while making sure to capture as much of the sky as possible. The lights around the lighthouse set up for the Independence [...]

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