Beacon of Light in the Fog

On Sunday night after capturing the image of the Christmas tree on the First Harbor dinghy, I turned towards Marblehead Light and noticed that it was the only sign of color on this foggy night. I decided to capture the lighthouse decked out in strings of lights for the holiday using a long-exposure. The 30 second image time served to calm the waters of little harbor and accentuate the foggy mood looking out past Gerry Island towards Chandler Hovey Park. The small aperture of the lens also helped add a small star to the light produced by the green beacon [...]

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Golden Light on an Emptying Harbor

I mentioned a few days ago that I had gone out to Crocker Park on Friday night hoping for a nice sunset and some foliage. I ended up getting lucky with the former but with most of the good light positioned behind Abbot Hall. Before capturing that image, I pointed my lens toward the golden light on Marblehead Neck and the sad view of an emptying harbor. There was a patch of leaf color in one tree at Crocker Park with two others having already emptied of leaves.

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Fall in Little Harbor

After capturing the first signs of autumn across Salem harbor, I drove up West Shore Drive, past the Waterside Cemetery and around Beacon Street. I pulled over just past Gingerbread Hill when I saw these clouds filling the afternoon sky over Gerry Island and Marblehead Light. With the first hint of color in the leaves on Gerry Island and the empty moorings, I thought the scene captured fall in Little Harbor. I'm hoping to find more fall scenes on Wednesday and this weekend as I explore areas around Marblehead.  If you have spotted any great foliage around memorable locations (the [...]

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Light Up the Moon

The full moon rose almost three weeks ago and I'm only now finding time to share this image from the night. I had captured a deep red full moon just before 8pm while there was still a bit of light in the evening sky and shared that one immediately. A few minutes later, the moon had disappeared behind a low bank of clouds and I sought a new composition. I was able to predict a spot along Front Street from which I could capture this shot of the full moon behind Marblehead Light. I couldn't be sure of it's exact [...]

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Red Moon at Night

This was the second of three favorites from last night's red moon rising over Chandler Hovey Park. Once the full Sturgeon moon appeared, I moved up and down Front Street to try to get different compositions. In this one, I shifted a bit to the left (toward Fort Sewall) and caught a nice trio of boats while still keeping the flagpole at Chandler Hovey in the frame. I'm curious which you prefer - last night's Red Moon Rising or this morning's Red Moon at Night.

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Red Moon Rising

The full Sturgeon moon rose tonight over Chandler Hovey Park and I had very nearly given up on trying to capture it.  It was 7:30pm, we had just finished dinner, and I very nearly had forgotten about the moonrise. I quickly checked the weather report and saw that cloud cover was minimal. I then spent a few minutes trying to get motivated to shoot the moonrise and left the house with only the camera and tripod in hand. I arrived on Front Street with five minutes to set up and was starting to worry when I hadn't spotted the moon [...]

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Magical Illumination

With temperatures due to pass 90 today and tomorrow, I was in the mood to look back at images from an equally warm Fourth of July this year. I have only shared one image of the harbor illumination that took place that night and thought this image would be a nice way to start the week. The sight of red flares lighting up the harbor remains my favorite part of the July 4th festivities in Marblehead. This year, I was able to capture the magical illumination on both sides of the harbor from my spot along the causeway and with [...]

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Unbelievable Moonrise

The full moon will rise tonight at 8:10pm and I won't be able to shoot it so I thought I would share an image of the moon from my to be published folder. I dove into my folder and looked through all the moon shots until I stopped at this unbelievable moonrise. I have to admit that the first thing I thought was 'that can't be real'. I honestly thought I had played with a composite and that was why it had not been shared. I looked back at the original file and, sure enough, the moon really was that [...]

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View from the Top of Marblehead Light

After capturing yesterday's image of Optis sailing during Junior Race week, I returned to Chandler Hovey Park and decided to do a quick loop around the lighthouse. I have shot a close up of Marblehead Light from the other side looking toward the harbor and Abbot Hall but failed to explore other angles. In this view, I came close enough to the top of Marblehead Light so that its entire lantern room was in the frame and then found this spot from which Childrens Island could be spotted in the distance. You can make out the same group of Optis [...]

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