Spring has officially arrived in Marblehead with this display of peak cherry blossoms color at the Harris Street cemetery.  For those who are new to my site, I spent several years in Washington, DC before moving to Marblehead and quickly came to associate the peak of cherry blossoms with the arrival of spring.  Granted, that tends to occur in late March/early April down there but, nonetheless, I have been visiting and photographing the Harris Street cherry blossoms for several years now to help me mark the onset of spring in Marblehead.

For the past few years, the three cherry blossom trees have shown muted colors and never erupted in the pinks and purples that make for a great showing. With this year’s long winter and delayed snow melt, I held out hope that the trees would do well and, on Tuesday morning, I visited the site.

As you can see the cherry blossoms were putting on an incredible display of color. I shot at sunrise and returned before sunset (when I also shot aerial images for the first time). I’ll share those in the days to come as the weather finally warms and thoughts turn to spring and, eventually summer.

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