Shining through the Blossoms

On April 27th, I returned to the Harris Street cemetery hoping that the rainfall from the day before had resulted in even more color being displayed than on my previous visits. Sure enough, the cherry blossoms were radiant in pinks and purples and I spent an hour before work exploring various compositions in the cemetery. One thing my prior gear had not been capable of capturing is a proper sun star. With my move to Sony, I made sure that at least one of my new lenses could do justice to this trick of the light created by closing down [...]

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Peak Cherry Blossoms in Marblehead

Spring has officially arrived in Marblehead with this display of peak cherry blossoms color at the Harris Street cemetery.  For those who are new to my site, I spent several years in Washington, DC before moving to Marblehead and quickly came to associate the peak of cherry blossoms with the arrival of spring.  Granted, that tends to occur in late March/early April down there but, nonetheless, I have been visiting and photographing the Harris Street cherry blossoms for several years now to help me mark the onset of spring in Marblehead. For the past few years, the three cherry blossom [...]

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Mother’s Grave – Happy Halloween

With cemeteries whose age is counted in the hundreds of years, Marblehead is home to some very unique gravestones.  My personal favorite is this simple one engraved with the lone word Mother that can be found at the Green Street cemetery.  The gravestone is haunting for its simplicity and happens to lie in front of a maple tree. That combination made it an easy favorite to shoot and one that I've visited on a number of occasions for subtly different compositions. I couldn't think of a better image than this one of Mother's grave to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. [...]

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Buried in Snow at Old Burial Hill

Another image from my outing on Wednesday, February 25.  After exploring Brown's Island, Ben and I headed over to Redd's Pond and then walked across the snow covered frozen water to Old Burial Hill.  I captured a few images of gravestones buried in snow before reaching the gazebo and taking in this view. You'll have to pardon the pun but I'm sure everyone in Marblehead feels as though we have been buried in snow and here, at Old Burial Hill, that has literally become the case.

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Fog and Shadows at Old Burial Hill

Back to the days of fog in mid-July for this image of Old Burial Hill.  I had started photographing scenes of dense fog resulting from a Smoky Sou'Wester on Beacon Street at Grace Oliver beach and then walked from there until I ended up at Old Burial Hill and, later, Redd's Pond. As I made my way around gravestones in the old cemetery, I noticed the way the light broke through the trees with the fog accentuating the contrast of light and shadows.  I stopped at this point and switched to a vertical orientation to capture the fog and shadows at [...]

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Peak Fall Colors at Green Street Cemetery

There is a great maple tree at the corner of Elm and Creesy Streets which I photographed last year and shared at Halloween.  As I drove around town this weekend looking for early signs of Fall, I spotted this tree at peak Fall colors and decided to look for a new composition.  Rather than including the gravestone I had previously focused on, I chose this one that reads Benj. Lindsey.  There are other names as well - Hannah and Nathaniel.  I was unable to find much information about the individuals buried here and will see if anyone can add to [...]

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Gravestones and Cherry Blossoms at Harris Street Cemetery

Couldn't resist bringing out another image from my trip to the Harris Street Cemetery which I found in peak bloom at the end of April.  On this particular evening, I had gone to the cemetery in hopes of getting a shot of the almost full pink moon rising against the foreground of cherry blossoms. Before the moon could rise, I had to wait for the sun to set and, as it did, it lit up the cherry blossoms and surroundings in a great evening light.  I took a few shots around the cemetery but this one was a favorite.  I [...]

The Worm Moon rises over Old Burial Hill

The Worm Moon rose on March 7th and I was determined to find a new vantage point from which to shoot it.  I had planned on capturing its rise over the house at Redds pond but, as the minutes ticked by and the moon failed to appear, I walked around the pond and eventually up to Old Burial Hill.  There I spotted this scene of a full moon rising over gravestones dating back hundreds of years and decided this was the image I should capture.

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Mother under the Maple Tree

This is the perfect ending to Halloween week on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  I was biking around town in search of foliage when I spotted this maple outside the cemetery on the corner of Elm and Creesy Streets.  I couldn't find the right angle to shoot it from outside the cemetery so I ventured inside.  Once there, I found a few gravestones that would make for a nice foreground but the light wasn't quite right.  Then the clouds shifted and the light illuminated the singular word 'Mother' on the one gravestone standing apart from the rest.  I dropped to the ground [...]

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