On April 27th, I returned to the Harris Street cemetery hoping that the rainfall from the day before had resulted in even more color being displayed than on my previous visits. Sure enough, the cherry blossoms were radiant in pinks and purples and I spent an hour before work exploring various compositions in the cemetery.

One thing my prior gear had not been capable of capturing is a proper sun star. With my move to Sony, I made sure that at least one of my new lenses could do justice to this trick of the light created by closing down the aperture of the lens to let as little light in as possible. By doing so, the blades of the lens’ aperture created this sunburst phenomenon.

As the sun rose in the morning sky, I moved around the gravestones and used a branch to shield some of the brightest light and allow me to capture this burst of light shining through the blossoms at peak bloom in the Harris Street cemetery.