Prior to purchasing the Phantom 4 Pro drone, I could only achieve these types of views from select spots around town. One of them was Abbot Hall and I was fortunate to be allowed on the scaffolding during the work to restore it a few years ago. Even with the freedom of the scaffolding, I still didn’t have the freedom to compose as I do with this aerial camera and had missed out on these types of view.

Historic downtown Marblehead (Old Town to some) is a treasure of architecture, locally owned stores, historic homes dating back hundreds of years and is mere steps from Marblehead Harbor. It’s difficult to visualize just how much history resides in such a small section of town until you fly 100 feet above the ground and look back down.  On this August evening I did just that flying the drone above Washington Street and a bit forward of Abbot Hall’s position for this perfect composition that encompasses downtown Marblehead.