For each of the past few years, the First Harbor company has launched their small boat carrying a Christmas tree into the waters of little harbor. I’ve shot the tree with the moon rising behind it and with snow falling around it. Last night, the rain cleared and a dense fog advisory came out which offered a new vantage point for me to shoot the tree and boat.

I arrived to find the dinghy heavily weighted down by rainwater and lucked out with the Peach family showing up to pull the boat ashore and empty a few buckets of water out of the hull. Unfortunately, the led lights, solar panel and battery seemed to have been damaged by the water and thus the boat was set back into little harbor without its brilliant lights.

As luck would have it, a car pulled in and I caught a single frame of the boat with a golden glow on it. I quickly realized the car’s headlights could add a perfect amount of light to the scene and ran up to turn my high beams on. With the fog, a fast lens and the light washing over the small boat, I was pretty happy with the final image.

I couldn’t help but overhear the difficulties encountered with getting Christmas lights to work reliably in the water off a marine battery and solar panel. I have to believe that this town with its extensive marine knowledge would be able to come up with a solution to ensure the tree is lit every night at sunset so that everyone who ventures to little harbor can see it glowing on the water for the month of December.  Please add a comment or tag someone who might be able to help rig a more durable setup for powering the lights.  Thanks!

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