Empty Harbor 2 – First One In

Alright, so I guess Marblehead harbor isn't completely empty as I found this boat on a mooring in front of the Boston Yacht Club. It appears that, apart from the working boats, this may be the 'first one in' to harbor. Won't be long before this boat is joined by many others to take their spot on the moorings.  I wasn't able to spot the boat's name - if you know it, please add it in a comment below.

Guardians of the Eastern

Not long after capturing Glover's Regiment on the stage at the State Street Landing, I watched them load up into this boat and reenact the crossing of the Delaware. I shot frame after frame as they crossed in front of Marblehead Light and then watched them pause in front of the Eastern Yacht Club. As I watched through the viewfinder, I spotted one member of the regiment approach the bow and captured this image as he fired a shot back toward shore. It looked as though Glover's Regiment were the guardians of the Eastern - ready to take on all [...]

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A First Harbor Christmas

For each of the past few years, the First Harbor company has launched their small boat carrying a Christmas tree into the waters of little harbor. I've shot the tree with the moon rising behind it and with snow falling around it. Last night, the rain cleared and a dense fog advisory came out which offered a new vantage point for me to shoot the tree and boat. I arrived to find the dinghy heavily weighted down by rainwater and lucked out with the Peach family showing up to pull the boat ashore and empty a few buckets of water [...]

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Waiting Game

From the same outing (and same location) as last week's image of the blue dinghy comes this one of a boat seeming to be playing the waiting game before being put into the water of Little Harbor. Though with how late it is in the season, the boat may have just been taken out. I've never actually seen this movable crane in action before. I'm curious what it looks like when it moves out into position...

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An overhead shot of this intensely blue dinghy seemed a nice way to end the week. I found this boat tied up in Little Harbor on Labor Day weekend.

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The Kids are Alright

Funny story...  Not two minutes after taking the image of sunset that I shared on Wednesday night, a boat comes along with a group of kids who spot my camera and immediately pose. As they slowly motor past, they tried to figure out how to contact me. I shouted back to look up Wednesdays in Marblehead and got a bunch of exclamations along the lines of 'you're that guy!' and 'I follow you on Instagram'. I received a nice Facebook message from one of the kids on the boat last night which prompted me to jump to this photo and [...]

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Paddle before Moonrise

Last week, I had gone out to Fountain Park to capture the full moon rising over Fort Sewall and the homes along Little Harbor. As I waited for the sun to set, I noted a soft glow on the houses facing the harbor and then saw a small motor boat and a kayak enter the frame. I captured this shot just as both were crossing over the light reflecting in the still waters. It's funny how different this image appears from the moonrise of last week with a nearly identical composition but with a change in light and focus for [...]

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Dawns Early Light

The morning of April 24th proved to be one of the most beautiful and longest lasting dawns/sunrises I have experienced in Marblehead. The light show began at 5:30am and, within minutes, I witnessed orange, pink and purple light paints the sky and Marblehead Harbor in dawns early light.  The light quickly changed and strengthened as I stood watch at the end of Ferry Lane (near the Landing). If you look closely, you can see that Marblehead Light's green beacon is shining against the orange backdrop. Thanks again to all who voted yesterday and helped me narrow down my selections for the [...]

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Top 10 of 2017 – #1 Christmas at Sea

How can a tree on a small boat be my favorite image of 2017 after passing up sunrises, sunsets, the harbor illumination and two shots of lightning? I'm not sure but there is something perfectly Marblehead in the simplicity of this small boat and decorated tree with a starfish on top floating in Little Harbor on the first snowfall of the season. The title Christmas at Sea is one that I thought summed up those elements quite well. I captured this image on December 9th at 11:33am so the feeling of walking across the slippery rocks in front of the [...]

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Harbormaster in the Smoke

One more new photo before the end of the year... I couldn't help but head out this morning to capture the harbor in arctic conditions.  As I drove toward State Street, I watched the thermometer on my dashboard until it settled at 1F (not counting any wind chill).  I parked at the Landing and headed out to find sea smoke throughout the harbor.  It wasn't at the incredible levels I had last seen in February 2016 but any sea smoke is worth the drive and braving the elements. I shot toward the lighthouse before spotting the sun rising directly over [...]

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