The Jackson Cup race took place this weekend in Marblehead Harbor and I went out on Saturday and Sunday hoping for a few new images of this favorite spring activity. I shot from Hammond Park on Saturday but switched to the Neck on Sunday. I was hoping for some sun to shine between the incoming rain clouds and lucked out with a few minutes of brilliant sunlight just before 10:00am.

I’m normally very careful with my camera and settings and could sense that something was amiss as I took these shots but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. It was only after the sun had disappeared that I realized I had the camera set on ‘crop mode’ which essentially acts like a digital zoom. That meant this image taken at 400mm was really like shooting at 640mm and meant I was treated to some very close up shots from all the way across the harbor.

As it turned out, this would end up being my favorite shot of the day even with the screw up on the settings. I like the crowded, tight feel of the sailboats crossing past each other with the Boston Yacht Club in the near distance and houses stacked above it.