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Empty Harbor 2 – First One In

Alright, so I guess Marblehead harbor isn't completely empty as I found this boat on a mooring in front of the Boston Yacht Club. It appears that, apart from the working boats, this may be the 'first one in' to harbor. Won't be long before this boat is joined by many others to take their spot on the moorings.  I wasn't able to spot the boat's name - if you know it, please add it in a comment below.

Racing in Front of the Boston Yacht Club

With sailboats crisscrossing Marblehead Harbor and flying colorful sails, is it any wonder that I have many photos to share from a late April afternoon shooting the Jackson Cup? As the sailboats moved in their lanes back and forth in front of the Boston Yacht Club, I tried to time the shutter and composition to include boats at various positions in the frame while including as much of the BYC's nameplate as possible. This frame accomplished that task and seems to capture the beauty of racing inside our harbor.

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Crocker Park Sunset

Once the storm passed and the rainbow disappeared on Wednesday night, I started looking for sunset compositions. I found myself poorly positioned to capture the best light from my position at Crocker Park and luckily had planned ahead by bringing the drone. I was up and over the waters of Marblehead Harbor in minutes and flew to this position from which to capture a beautiful Crocker park sunset.

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Race for the Jackson Cup in Marblehead Harbor

This weekend, the 20th annual Jackson Cup race took place inside Marblehead Harbor. The invitational hosted by the Boston Yacht Club is an event I look forward to photographing each year with views of the one-design boats and their colorful sails crossing familiar landmarks inside our harbor. I began photographing on Saturday with my long lens from a position on Parker Lane before returning to the car to launch the drone for some overhead shots.  This image with a tight grouping of the boats under picture perfect skies with Abbot Hall and Crocker Park in the distance was a quick [...]

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Super Blue Blood Moon setting over Marblehead

I couldn't pass up shooting a 'super blue blood moon' especially when conditions were perfect with forecast for clear skies this morning. The name comes from a unique combination of the moon's proximity to Earth (super), the second full moon in a month (blue) and a partial lunar eclipse (blood). I had scouted out locations last night based on the projected moon set and settled on an area between the Eastern Yacht Club and Corinthian Lane.  As I crossed the causeway onto the Neck, I spotted the bright moon low in the evening sky and followed it as I drove [...]

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Catching some Rays at the BYC

I've had a backlog of images waiting to be processed and finally found some time to go through them this week.  Yesterday, I happened upon this one that I had nearly forgotten about from early August.  I had gone out that day intending to fly the drone in a few new spots around town.  I began shooting over Barnegat and Little Harbor before ending up at Crocker Park. As the sun began to set, I moved over the water to explore the views and found that when I hovered over the BYC, I could capture the sun descending directly behind [...]

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Abbot and the BYC

Today's image comes from November 14th and an attempt at capturing a supermoon setting behind Abbot Hall.  Before the moon had dipped low enough in the pre-dawn sky, I found this composition of Abbot Hall lit by its spotlights standing over houses and the BYC with its red and green lights aimed at Marblehead Harbor. The moon entered this scene 10 minutes later but I decided to switch to a horizontal view at that point thus removing the BYC from the frame.  The light on Abbot had also dimmed in that short interval making this shot all the more interesting for [...]

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Harbor Holidays at the Boston Yacht Club – This Weekend

For the third year in a row, I will be participating in Harbor Holidays at the Boston Yacht Club.  The public is welcome on Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  The event is open to members of the BYC (and those with reciprocity) for a preview night Friday from 6-9pm. I'll have the new 12-month 2017 calendar as well as copies of my coffee table book (with special pricing).  Also, a selection of matted prints (including the recent Boston skyline and moonrise) will be available for purchase with all print orders placed eligible for a 20% discount. If you have been overwhelmed [...]

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Top 10 of 2015 – Docked in a Frozen Marblehead Harbor

It's easy to look back on the incredible Winter of 2014/2015 now with near fondness considering the amazingly mild Winter that we have had thus far this year.  On February 18, I ventured out at dawn to capture a frozen Marblehead Harbor.  We had deep freeze conditions for weeks and no snow leading to a perfectly frozen surface on the harbor.  With the Boston Yacht Club dock and clubhouse anchored in the ice, the composition was too good to pass up. You can make out fine detail in the ice which served to reflect the light of the rising sun [...]

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Come Visit Me at Harbor Holidays at the Boston Yacht Club

I feel very fortunate to have been invited back for my second year at the Boston Yacht Club's Harbor Holidays event.  It seemed like a great time to share this image taken on June 3, 2013 and never posted to the site.  I had gone out on this day to capture the tradition of firing a cannon at sunset.  Before the cannon fired, I couldn't help but capture this view of the full facade of the Boston Yacht Club.  You can also make out Abbot Hall tower in the distance. I will be at the Boston Yacht Club on Saturday, [...]

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