Marblehead Harbor

October Sky

Having gone out Wednesday during the day and again for the moonrise, I wasn't feeling up to another outing on Thursday night but then the sky started to break in just the right spots and I found myself driving towards the causeway to find the right angle for a shot. I ended up crossing the causeway and promptly turning back towards Riverhead Beach. I had charged my drone which I hadn't flown in a while and launched that after setting up the real camera on a tripod. I was able to capture images through a remote while flying over the [...]

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Green Light in the Blue Hour

A few people thought yesterday's image of foliage at Seaside was a bit too soon so here is a shot from an early September evening captured one year ago - September 2, 2019.  I remember heading out on this night hoping that the clouds over the Neck might serve to reflect the light of sunset but the clouds never broke and I was left with a fairly monotone scene. I waited a bit past sunset for the blue hour and then spotted the reflection of Marblehead light's green beacon reflecting in the still water of the harbor. That and the [...]

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Basking in the Light

As it turns out, 2020 was a great year for renovations in Marblehead including those to the facade and bones of Abbot Hall. With scaffolding surrounding the building, I have not found opportunity to shoot the building except at angles low enough that I could hide the surrounding netting. Finally in August, Abbot Hall shed its scaffolding and I found the building basking in the light of a late August day when I stopped along Ocean Avenue and made my way on foot to the short stretch of beach at the end of the causeway. From this vantage point, I [...]

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Ready to Sail – Marblehead Junior Race Week

With everything going on, I wasn't sure if the Marblehead Junior Race week would be taking place. I was glad to see that, with some changes (Optis and Lasers only), we will have a chance to watch young sailors race around the harbor. This image of a young sailor making her boat ready was captured on July 22, 2015. If you have a chance, head out to watch these races Monday through Wednesday of next week.

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The Dolphin

We have been social members at the Dolphin Yacht Club for a few years and they have used some of my images from their pier on the website. I hadn't been able to capture a good image of the harbor facing facade until we went out for a dinghy ride on a hot June afternoon. As we passed the DYC, I quickly composed this scene to capture boats in the harbor, activity around the kayaks and stand up paddleboards, a waterfront team member waiting to take someone on a launch ride and a fairly busy outdoor seating area all backlit [...]

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Foggy Nights in the Harbor

In ten years of capturing images of Marblehead, a few outings stand out and near the top of the list is July 5, 2016. I took 40 images that night that I marked as keepers which is just an insane number of images but the light changed so fast and I was able to shoot such varied compositions from a few vantage points that, even with today's image, I'm only halfway through the pile... With the fog rolling into the harbor at sunset, I was treated to soft pastel colors breaking up the view around Abbot Hall. Hope you agree [...]

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June Storm in the Harbor

[Update] - well...that was short lived... I was wrong. I decided to give up posting to Facebook and Instagram because I was frustrated with their algorithms and all of the politics and hate (mostly on FB). But then I opened up Facebook this morning and saw a beautiful shot of a spectacular sunrise from Alex Falk and realized I was wrong. This shot brought a smile to my face and, if my images can do the same to you amidst everything going on, it is worth the minor frustration. Ironically, you'll have to visit my Facebook page to see his [...]

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Cotton Candy Sky

As May comes to a close I looked back and found four more images captured in Mays gone by that had yet to see the light of day. This one was taken on May 16, 2019 when I lucked out with a passing storm at sunset leading to a nice mix of pink clouds and darker blues that brought to mind cotton candy in the evening sky.

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