Marblehead Harbor

End of the Season

So this was the view in the other direction of the lamp post that I shared yesterday - now you see why I felt that I had miscalculated my shooting spot... Still, I was able to get some color on the clouds over Abbot Hall and the harbor filled with only a few boats which seemed to mark the end of the season.

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Masts Up

On Saturday, I had gone out to shoot the nearly full Hunter's moon rising over Marblehead Neck. I had arrived a bit early to my chosen spot and had time to explore other compositions as the sun dipped lower in the horizon. I realized the angle of the sun was lighting up the top of the masts on the sailboats at the mouth of the harbor and quickly composed this image to capture that last glow of light.

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Sailing by the Corinthian

I managed to catch one other sailboat during my outing on Tuesday afternoon. Exactly 20 seconds after capturing the sailboat crossing in front of Abbot Hall, I turned and caught this boat sailing by the Corinthian Yacht Club. Reminder: I will be at the Fall Fair in the Lee Mansion gardens on Saturday, October 1 from 10am to 2pm with my 2023 Marblehead Calendars available for purchase. There will be lots of vendors including Bent Water brewing so please stop by on what promises to be a beautiful fall day.

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Fall Day in Marblehead

Yesterday, I drove around Marblehead to get a sense of fall colors on what will likely be a muted foliage season due to the drought of summer. I found little in the way of color but decided to get out of my car when I reached Foster Street on the Neck. I made my way to one of my favorite spots at the edge of the Pleon pier and waited for a cloud to pass so that some sun could make its way to the surprisingly full harbor.  As the sunlight appeared, so did a sailboat making its way up [...]

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Sailboats and Sun Rays

I'm going to profess my ignorance again and admit that I do not know what to call these two beautiful boats other than 'sailboats'. As we headed out of Marblehead Harbor on a quick trip with friends, I looked back and spotted sun rays breaking overhead. As we passed these two sailboats, I noticed the angles of the rays seemed to mimic the lines on the masts and quickly composed this image to capture the two boats on their moorings, Abbot Hall in the background and a great sky above.

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Townies – Taste the Rainbow

Yesterday, I shared an image captured from Riverhead beach focusing on the Town class boats with their vibrant hulls and the harbor beyond.  Prior to capturing the Townies from that angle, I had sought out this composition from Red Steps.  As vibrant as their hulls are, it's really hard to get a good angle on these boats from publicly accessible spots. When I posted, I also had forgotten the class of boats and a friend helpfully answered that they were Town class (or Townies) but that she and her daughters had taken to calling them Skittles due to their brightly [...]

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Pop of Color in Marblehead Harbor

I've wanted to capture these boats with their brightly colored hulls set up in a line for some time now though I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I don't know what type/class of boats they are... On this September afternoon when clouds filled the skies (and between deliveries of my 2023 Calendar), I stopped first at Riverhead Beach and then at Red Steps to try to find an angle to capture them. I'll share the Red Steps shot tomorrow but liked how the boats added a pop of color to Marblehead Harbor from this vantage point.

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September on the Water

Another look at September from the To Be Posted folder - this time September 2nd, 2019. The only problem with revisiting these 'keepers' that never saw the light of day after so many years is forgetting the details of what drove me out to shoot at 7:30 at night. Looking at this image, I have to believe we had experienced a passing storm and I had hoped for a break in the clouds to create a rainbow facing towards Marblehead Light. Instead, I made do with the scene before me which was very calming with its soft blue light.

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Summer Days on the Harbor

Another image from my chase of cumulus clouds on a 99 degree summer day on the harbor. I had left Castle Rock and headed to Chandler Hovey before circulating back down to Foster Street. From here I knew I could capture a number of compositions looking across the harbor toward Abbot Hall but also towards the mouth of the harbor. When I spotted the launch for the Eastern Yacht Club idling, I knew I would start with this shot angling to get the Corinthian Yacht Club and Marblehead Light in the background.  The otherwise full harbor and great clouds overhead [...]