Heading Home in a Townie

One of my all time favorite outings happened on July 5, 2016 and I still have not finished sharing my 'keepers' from that night. We had incredible fog roll in as the sun set which created an almost cinematic appearance to the harbor. I shot from Chandler Hovey Park in every direction and have shared several favorite images already. Here a lone town class boat heads back into the harbor with the sail catching the light of the setting sun and the fog breaking around the edge of land in the background.

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Best Harbor in America

As I was looking for images to post this week, I stopped at this shot and thought 'this must be the best harbor in America'. And then I promptly Googled to see if that was a real contest. Turns out it is as of 2019 when US Harbors started a contest and, to my dismay, Marblehead wasn't even listed. The winner of the Northeast section was Padanaram, South Darmouth. Interestingly, only 2,500 people voted for the 2021 version of the contest so I figured when the time comes next year (voting should start in late March/early April 2022), we should [...]

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Breaking through the Clouds

It's almost funny looking back at this image captured on the fourth of July and realizing we have spent much of the second wettest month on record in similar conditions. On that day, I had gone out just after noon and ended up capturing what I thought was an interesting low bank of clouds from the Pleon.  Abbot Hall seems to be breaking through the clouds with a nearly full harbor laid out in front.

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Lucky, Bella and Ruddy Duck

I haven't shared a black and white image in quite some time and Friday night's foggy evening seemed perfectly suited for that treatment. From my spot at Crocker Park, I had a few compositions open to me but this one pointing across the harbor offered the best view of the Neck enveloped in fog. This is a slightly tighter composition than yesterday's shot and the fog has shifted higher to reveal the houses along the Neck. I got lazy and chose the title based on the three boats clearly visible - Lucky, Bella and Ruddy Duck

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Foggy Sunset over the Harbor

With all the rain that we have been experiencing this month, I have found little opportunity (or desire) to go out and shoot. I was feeling that way on Friday night too but as the fog rolled in just before sunset, I thought there might be a chance for some nice views of the harbor. I drove down Lee Street but couldn't find anywhere to park until I reached The Landing and then walked up towards Crocker Park from there. Sure enough, there was fog to be found in my views of the harbor and, thankfully, the fog seemed to [...]

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Between the Raindrops

While this year's Fourth of July weekend wasn't the same as those in the past with cold, wet conditions, fewer exhibits, artisans and traffic for the Festival and the lack of fireworks, it still felt really nice to have some of our traditional Independence Day/weekend activities return after the past year. I walked around on Saturday and ran into several people before visiting Abbot Hall and Old Town House to view the exhibits. Then on Sunday, we had plans to attend the Dolphin Yacht Club's cookout but the weather delayed the start.  Since we were already in the car, we [...]

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Taking it All In

So this weekend, I had the chance to sit down and finish working on images from the night of June 15th when two storms split around Marblehead and created amazing light. Turns out I had come away with a very high 'keeper' total of 18 images (including two awesome panoramas). I had planned to share all of my keepers from this night to show how a change in lens, composition and/or light can transform a scene and make each shot new and different but 18 is a LOT of images from one night. I think I'll just share images this [...]

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Blue Clouds Washing over Childrens

So shortly after taking yesterday's image at 7:27pm, I noticed these incredible blue clouds near the horizon that seem to be washing over Children's Island. I had my favorite landscape lens (a 24-105mm f/4) on the camera but couldn't quite get the reach I wanted to focus on the clouds so I did a quick change to my much longer 100-400mm lens. With that I zoomed in and composed a shot to highlight the blue clouds with boats moored near the mouth of the harbor. I couldn't help but play with the zoom and compositions and, when I zoomed out, [...]

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Rainbow Weather

The restore finally finished after over 200 hours and it appears all images are back safe and sound and a new larger hard drive array.  As a test run, I took a look at some recent images that were in my To Be Published folder and, with the recent rain, instantly gravitated to this one. It seems that spring really does set up perfect conditions for rainbow weather. And yet, all the elements need to come together with just the right break in the clouds at just the right time as on the evening of May 12th when I raced [...]

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May Days in Marblehead

There is always a small lull in my photography in mid-May between the explosion of flowers at the beginning of the month and the build up of boats in the harbor towards the end. This shot was taken on May 22, 2015 and found in my 'to be posted' archive. Seemed like a nice window into the near future with the harbor rapidly filling with boats and coming into its picturesque summer shape soon.

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