I had just about given up on any photo outings and had already chosen a photo from my ‘to be published’ archives to share this morning when I saw actual sunlight out my home office window. It feels like months since we last had any decent light and I didn’t waste time heading out to chase a new image of Marblehead.

I decided to head across the causeway to the Neck and figure things out from there but as I passed the Riverhead Beach lot, I looked to my left and saw this scene…and then drove right by (I couldn’t safely stop on a dime and turn in). I ended up crossing the causeway, making a three point turn at the nearest driveway and heading back only to watch as the sun dipped lower in the sky and toward a thick band of clouds.

I had enough time to park, grab my camera, turn it on and capture two frames before this sunlight on the Neck disappeared as it has for so many weeks on end. At least there’s proof that for the briefest moments on this mid-April evening, the sun actually did shine on Marblehead.

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