Marblehead Harbor

Fall in the Air over Seaside Park

On Sunday, I watched the sky fill with clouds in the morning but then show signs of breaking up in the afternoon.  I had to pick up my son on the Neck and so I threw the drone in the car and stopped at Seaside Park after picking him up and forcing him to join me. I was surprised to find another drone at the park - this one was a racing model flown by a boy with first person view goggles on.  I was a bit jealous as I set my much larger drone down and flew it in [...]

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Sunrise Glow over Marblehead Neck

A few minutes after yesterday's image of a perfect dawn in Marblehead, the first hint of sunrise glow began to form over Marblehead neck.  I made a slight adjustment to the composition and settings and captured the light as it built to its maximum. As it turns out, the sun never actually showed after this moment.  The clouds thickened and this light was quickly extinguished with the light of the sun hidden behind the building cloud cover.  The twenty minute span between the first light of dawn and this peak sunrise glow made the trip to Crocker Park incredibly productive [...]

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Marblehead Harbor Dawn

Between yesterday's capture and this one, twenty minutes elapsed.  During that time, I had decided to set up Facebook Live on my iPhone so others could enjoy what I hoped would be a beautiful sunrise.  As the sun approached the horizon, the sky absolutely exploded in color.  I shot frame after frame and kept adjusting the composition until this moment when the light peaked. An incredible mix of pinks and purples lit up the sky on this Marblehead Harbor dawn.  I loved how the boats in the harbor all seemed to be pointing toward Marblehead Light with its green beacon [...]

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A New Day Dawns in Marblehead

I hadn't been out to shoot the dawn in a month and so, when I woke at 6am on Saturday morning, I decided to head out the door and see if luck might follow me to Crocker Park.  I had quickly checked the location of the rising sun and decided that Crocker offered the potential for some nice side light to illuminate the boats still moored in the harbor.  I lucked out with a parking spot along Front Street and walked up to the park. I arrived to find still waters and some nice orange light beginning to show to [...]

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Sunset Sky over Marblehead Harbor

Last week, I shared an image taken by drone of Chandler Hovey Park from ten feet above the water and the green marker leading into harbor.  Today's image comes from a shot two minutes and 390 feet higher as I took the drone up as far as I could and captured the incredible view of Marblehead Neck, the causeway and a full harbor under a picture perfect sunset sky. The otherwise clear conditions allowed for endless visibility and you can just make out the familiar Boston skyline at the horizon line to the right of the causeway.  With the remnants [...]

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Mid-Harbor Sunset

On Monday, I shared an image of the sunset over Marblehead Neck and mentioned having chased another sunset a couple of days before.  On Friday, September 8, the sky seemed to hold promise with a buildup of thin clouds overhead and a break at the horizon which promised some nice light to reflect off the high clouds.  I decided to head out to the Neck and brought both drone and camera with me. I ended up at the pier of the Pleon Yacht Club and shot with both camera and drone as the sun set and the colors took hold [...]

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Sunset Views from the Mouth of the Harbor

For the past few nights, I have been chasing clouds and sunsets over Marblehead and been less than thrilled with the results.  I returned home from a barbecue at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School at 6:30pm eyeing the sky all the way home and made a beeline for Chandler Hovey Park as soon as I could.  The clouds held promise and the sun was descending over a cloudless patch of sky but, as I drove, I realized the angles were all wrong for shooting from the Neck.  As luck would have it, I had the drone with me and [...]

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Vigilante under the Corn Moon

As the full Corn moon rose the other night, I had nearly endless compositions open to me by slightly adjusting my position and the zoom on my lens.  For this shot, I wanted to focus on the J105 I spotted standing alone among a crowd of boats in Marblehead Harbor.  With the naked eye, I couldn't make out the name but, upon coming home and working on images, I realized I had a Vigilante under the corn moon. With the filled harbor, grand houses on the Neck and a perfect full moon overhead, I knew I had to share at [...]

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Red Sun Rising

It had been a long time since I had woken up early enough to catch a sunrise but, with a storm coming, I figured odds were in my favor for a decent showing this morning.  I had originally planned to capture the moon setting from Chandler Hovey and turn around for the sunrise when that had finished.  As I drove across the causeway, the moon disappeared behind clouds and I changed my plans. I ended up at Hammond Park where I hadn't shot in ages and found a familiar seen of boats as far as the eye could see.  I [...]

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Floating under the Light of the Moon

Tonight's moonrise was quite a sight to behold and I was thankful for a last minute decision to capture the full corn moon rising over the float at Crocker Park.  I had originally planned to capture the moon from along Front Street but arrived to find a seemingly thick marine layer that I was sure would block the composition I had in mind. I made a quick decision to head to Crocker Park instead and arrived in plenty of time to set up.  As I got to the float, I noticed the sign listing the dates of operation as June [...]

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