Marblehead Harbor

Mid-November Harbor

A few days ago, I decided to start sharing prior images on a regular basis on my social media pages. I called the series 'On this Day in Marblehead' and would share every image captured on that particular day. I only had one image to share on November 15th that I had captured in 2009 but, as I drove back from the UPS store (matted print on its way to Maine), I spotted a break in the clouds and figured there was a 50:50 chance of a decent sunset. I grabbed my bag and headed out across the causeway and [...]

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Cotton Candy Sky over Marblehead Neck

A few more images from that unexpected sunset on August 30th as I awaited the rise of the super blue moon from Front Street. I shared a tighter composition of the Corinthian which you can make out in the two shots that include Marblehead Light but ended up fascinated by the cotton candy sky over Marblehead neck as I pointed the camera deeper into the harbor. There are two very similar photos looking straight across the harbor from Fort beach but I couldn't decide which I preferred so figured would share both rather than relegating one to the 'to be [...]

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Corinthian Sunset

I spent a good part of this Saturday catching up on photos taken over the past week during a high school football scrimmage, an attempt at capturing the super blue moon rising (and then succeeding far more with its setting) as well as portraits of all 40 members of the Marblehead high school cheer team.  As I worked through the images, I found some gems from the night of August 30th as I stood along Front Street with at least 30 others waiting for the moon to rise. I had spotted some clouds near the horizon that my gut told [...]

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Picture Perfect Moonset

Last night, approximately 30 photographers lined Front Street hoping to capture the rise of August's super blue full moon only to be skunked by cloud cover. I managed a few shots of an unexpectedly nice sunset before packing up and heading home. It dawned on me later that night the moonset may be a much better opportunity given the predictions for cool dry air to be approaching Marblehead overnight. I set the alarm for 5:30am and made my way out to Chandler Hovey Park where I saw one other photographer who appeared to have realized the same thing. I took [...]

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Rainbow in the Harbor

When the first few drops of rain fell this afternoon, I wasted no time in packing up my gear and heading out the door. I had missed an incredible rainbow a few weeks ago and wasn't going to let that happen again. I drove towards the State Street Landing and lucked out with a parking spot. Then it was a matter of waiting for the sun to poke through and figure out angles. I started off near the Marblehead Harbormaster office but quickly made my way back to the Landing and down to the water's edge to capture this rainbow [...]

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Fireworks in the Fog

Well, that was by far the most difficult fireworks show I have ever captured! I may have jinxed myself earlier in the night when I explained to friends that a big reason why I shoot the annual Fourth of July show is the challenge of capturing these moments. This year, I had come up with a great plan to shoot from atop the Corinthian Yacht Club. I had met with the general manager earlier in the week and scouted out some rooms with windows offering various vantage points. Tonight, I biked across the causeway and arrived early to set up [...]

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Summer Glow (or who said you have to wait for sunset anyway?)

Well, we finally had a perfect summer day with sun, humidity and great cumulus clouds. I drove around the neck at 11am taking in the view of a rapidly filling harbor with blue skies and puffy white clouds before a quick lunch from Shubies.   At 5pm, I drove my daughter to the Corinthian and, as I crossed the causeway, I spotted a break in the distant storm clouds letting in a bit of light. The clouds shifted as I drove and were too far from Abbot Hall from my view on Corinthian Lane so I doubled back and stopped [...]

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Flash of Light

This has been a tough month for photography with grey skies dominating and flat uninteresting light day after day. I had gone out for another storm in early June and was thrilled to capture my first lightning of the season. When the radar showed storm cells heading in our direction again last night, I made my way out to the Neck again.   I set up at Chandler Hovey Park for this expansive view of Marblehead harbor and had to guess at the direction of the storm and subsequent lightning. This was the third bolt of the storm and my [...]

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First Strike

I was downright giddy when I first saw mention of possible thunderstorms tonight and made it out to this spot on Corinthian Lane to try to capture my first strike of the season. I had a radar app alternating with a lightning strike spotter app and, between them, tried to capture bolts as they appeared. I missed two great ones near Abbot Hall but managed to get this bolt (and a half) as it struck over a rapidly filling Marblehead harbor.

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