Marblehead Harbor

First One into the Harbor

After the past two days of perfect weather, I can't be the only waiting eagerly awaiting those warm Summer days.  I decided to look through my archive of 'to be posted' images to find ones taken in April and instantly settled on this shot for today's post. On April 25, 2015, I had gone out near sunset on an equally warm night and found a single sailboat already moored in the waters.  Its positioning was perfect from this angle on Parker Lane and it appeared to be the 'first one in the harbor' - or at least this part of [...]

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Working Boats and Golden Light

Last Wednesday, I headed to Crocker Park with the Phantom 4 Pro in hand to capture sunset views from one of my favorite spots in town. I started off by flying over the working boats moored in an otherwise empty Marblehead Harbor and had reached this spot 40 feet above the ground when the sun broke through the clouds and lit Marblehead Neck in beautiful golden light. If you look closely, you can spot the anticrepuscular rays converging behind the Corinthian Yacht Club and there are subtle hints of the golden light reflecting in the still waters of the harbor [...]

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Old Town Sunset – Aerial Panorama of historic downtown Marblehead

On Wednesdays, March 29th, the dense clouds covering Marblehead for most of the day finally began to break as the day neared its end.  I hadn't flown my Phantom 4 Pro in a few weeks due to rain, clouds and otherwise terrible lighting.  When I finally made it up in the air, I knew the lighting on this night was going to be pretty special and ended up with a spectacular view of an Old Town sunset. I explored a few vantage points as I flew over Marblehead and fought the building wind as I chased the light.  I found [...]

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Summer Sunsets on the Harbor

Though it has been great to explore views over Marblehead with my new Phantom 4 Pro, I cannot wait for the mooring to fill with boats and capture warm Summer sunsets on the harbor.  This image was taken on a picture perfect evening in September but we are only five weeks away from seeing boats starting to fill Marblehead harbor for the season.

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Brilliant Sunset on an Empty Harbor

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had left the house on February 18th with the hopes of catching a solid sunset.  As you can see, this brilliant sunset far exceeded my expectations.  There's something different about the Winter sun and its accompanying sunsets that makes for these intense pinks when the clouds break just right. As luck would have it, I had positioned myself at Corinthian Lane and was able to capture this brilliant sunset reflecting on an empty Marblehead harbor with a private pier breaking up the foreground and Marblehead's skyline positioned in the lower third of the frame. [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – A Fifty Foot View

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and I was fortunate to start it with a homemade breakfast with my wife and kids and end it with a great dinner out.  In the middle of the day, I couldn't think of anything more fun than enjoying the Spring-like weather and flying my Phantom 4 Pro drone over Marblehead Harbor to capture scenes of frostbite sailing. The conditions were perfect for sailing with light winds and intermittently great for photography with cloudy skies and occasional breaks of brilliant light.  I took turns shooting stills and video with the drone and switching to the real [...]

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Working Boats of Marblehead Harbor

This sunset image of the working boats of Marblehead harbor seemed like a fitting way to head into the long weekend.  As the days grow longer and after this January thaw, Spring suddenly doesn't seem so far away. This image was taken on April 12, 2016 at 7:20pm as the sunset gave up its last rays of light to illuminate the sky and the working boats of Marblehead harbor floated on the still waters.  From now until late April, these boats will remain the sole denizens of our harbor and then each mooring will begin to fill with pleasure boats [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #1 – Light Dawns on Marblehead

So this is a first - my favorite image of 2016 is a brand new one that I am sharing in the countdown for the first time.  On the morning of Wednesday December 14th, I headed out of the house eager to capture aerial images of Marblehead with my new Phantom drone.  I had purchased the flying camera a week earlier and was just starting to get the hang of it but had not yet been able to shoot under great light. On this morning, the conditions seemed promising and I headed out towards Abbot Hall.  I brought the phantom [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #2 – Sailing Under the Sunset

This is the second image in the Top 10 of 2016 countdown to have been taken on the night of July 5th and was an easy choice for the #2 spot (it was actually #1 until December 14th when it got bounced for that top slot).  As the sun set through the building fog on this night, it created an incredible diffuse orange light.  I was shooting various compositions in this light and then spotted two townies sailing under the sunset light.  The picture perfect light and warmth of the final scene with the silhouettes of the sailors visible combined [...]

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