Marblehead Harbor

Fireworks over the Water

Since moving to Marblehead in May 2008, capturing the view of fireworks over the water has been one of my favorite outings each July. Sadly, for the second time in 12 years, the fireworks celebration has been cancelled (the last time was due to an awful ocean storm in 2014 preventing safe passage of the barge). This image comes from the show on July 4, 2018 and the vantage point of the causeway. I was in the same spot as for yesterday's shot of the harbor illumination and didn't even need my full zoom to capture this shot of red [...]

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Foggy Nights in the Harbor

In ten years of capturing images of Marblehead, a few outings stand out and near the top of the list is July 5, 2016. I took 40 images that night that I marked as keepers which is just an insane number of images but the light changed so fast and I was able to shoot such varied compositions from a few vantage points that, even with today's image, I'm only halfway through the pile... With the fog rolling into the harbor at sunset, I was treated to soft pastel colors breaking up the view around Abbot Hall. Hope you agree [...]

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Milking the Sunset

Last shot from last Wednesday's sunset and, as the title says, it really did feel like I was milking the sunset for all it was worth... I captured images of the setting sun from along the water's edge and then headed back up the ramp to find one last cloud reflecting the light of the setting sun. I quickly set up and composed this image capturing that cloud over Marblehead Light with its lights just visible behind the Corinthian Yacht Club and more than a few boats having found their moorings for the summer.

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June Storm in the Harbor

[Update] - well...that was short lived... I was wrong. I decided to give up posting to Facebook and Instagram because I was frustrated with their algorithms and all of the politics and hate (mostly on FB). But then I opened up Facebook this morning and saw a beautiful shot of a spectacular sunrise from Alex Falk and realized I was wrong. This shot brought a smile to my face and, if my images can do the same to you amidst everything going on, it is worth the minor frustration. Ironically, you'll have to visit my Facebook page to see his [...]

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Cotton Candy Sky

As May comes to a close I looked back and found four more images captured in Mays gone by that had yet to see the light of day. This one was taken on May 16, 2019 when I lucked out with a passing storm at sunset leading to a nice mix of pink clouds and darker blues that brought to mind cotton candy in the evening sky.

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Blinded by the Light

As I looked through my archive for today's image I stopped when I hit this shot from August 1, 2018 and instantly knew the title had to be 'Blinded by the Light'. On this summer evening, the sun was perfectly positive behind Abbot Hall as it slowly set and I used the tower to break up the light and keep the scene from being blinded by the strong sunlight. Even better, the lyrics to the song include this bit: Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun But mama, that's where the fun is Seemed [...]

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May Nights in Marblehead

Yesterday's off an on rain put me in mind of this May night from four years ago. Looking back at May 19, 2016, I found three already posted images and three more waiting to be shared. On this night, I had driven across the causeway to the Pleon Yacht Club pier and more compositions than I anticipated given the flat blue light.  My favorite part of this shot is the hint of orange light being reflected in the water. Something about a splash of orange color amidst the blue keeps drawing my eye towards it...

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