Foggy Sunset over the Harbor

With all the rain that we have been experiencing this month, I have found little opportunity (or desire) to go out and shoot. I was feeling that way on Friday night too but as the fog rolled in just before sunset, I thought there might be a chance for some nice views of the harbor. I drove down Lee Street but couldn't find anywhere to park until I reached The Landing and then walked up towards Crocker Park from there. Sure enough, there was fog to be found in my views of the harbor and, thankfully, the fog seemed to [...]

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Between the Raindrops

While this year's Fourth of July weekend wasn't the same as those in the past with cold, wet conditions, fewer exhibits, artisans and traffic for the Festival and the lack of fireworks, it still felt really nice to have some of our traditional Independence Day/weekend activities return after the past year. I walked around on Saturday and ran into several people before visiting Abbot Hall and Old Town House to view the exhibits. Then on Sunday, we had plans to attend the Dolphin Yacht Club's cookout but the weather delayed the start.  Since we were already in the car, we [...]

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Purple Afterglow

Maybe the last shot for now from the night of June 15th and the series of images I've shared over the past week.I had another keeper from a bit earlier that I really, really liked but not sure if the scenes (though varied by focal length, light and composition) might be getting a bit repetitive... Anyway, this was the last shot of the night at 8:28pm when the gold faded and soft purple afterglow took shape over Marblehead harbor. Hope you liked this peak into the many, many keepers that can come from a single night out in our incredibly [...]

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Panoramic Gold

And then, six minutes after shooting the benches at Crocker Park, this happened... I had taken the shot of the weathered benches and then turned my head to find that the clouds over Marblehead Neck were perfectly reflecting the gold sunset light. I didn't have time to swap to a wider lens so, instead, I made sure my tripod was perfectly level and then rotated the camera vertically to shoot this as a panoramic image. It took 16 images to capture the full scene from one end of the harbor to the other and I ended up with this perfect [...]

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Taking it All In

So this weekend, I had the chance to sit down and finish working on images from the night of June 15th when two storms split around Marblehead and created amazing light. Turns out I had come away with a very high 'keeper' total of 18 images (including two awesome panoramas). I had planned to share all of my keepers from this night to show how a change in lens, composition and/or light can transform a scene and make each shot new and different but 18 is a LOT of images from one night. I think I'll just share images this [...]

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The Show is About the Begin

Rather than share one or two shots from Tuesday night's fun outing and then save the rest in the 'to be published' folder, I thought it would be fun to take you through the hour spent at Crocker Park as the light developed. I cheated by showing one of my favorites from 8:07pm right off the bat but let's take a step back. I arrived at Crocker Park at 7:20pm and captured this shot at 7:27. I had chosen Crocker because the light seemed most promising to the north where a storm was crossing over Gloucester but another had just [...]

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Boats in the Harbor and a Fire in the Sky

As I walked our dog tonight, I spotted a very vibrant rainbow overhead and didn't even have my iPhone on me to capture it. By the end of the walk, I had figured there were better than even odds of a nice sunset so I grabbed my bag and headed out. I was more curious about the eastern sky so I headed to Castle Rock but the cloud formations didn't hold much interest. From there I moved on to Corinthian Lane and then Foster Street where I found a nice vantage point for the evening's show. I started shooting as [...]

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May Days in Marblehead

There is always a small lull in my photography in mid-May between the explosion of flowers at the beginning of the month and the build up of boats in the harbor towards the end. This shot was taken on May 22, 2015 and found in my 'to be posted' archive. Seemed like a nice window into the near future with the harbor rapidly filling with boats and coming into its picturesque summer shape soon.

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An Empty Harbor Awaits

After getting out to shoot for the first time in weeks on Sunday, I awoke early this morning and checked the weather to see if the sunrise might be worth another outing. The cloud cover looked promising and, when Matt Noyes mentioned a nice sunrise on NECN, I knew I had to head out the door.  I drove to Hammond Park first but found the composition options limited from there. I then headed to the State Street Landing and walked to the right onto Tuckers Wharf where I found a nice angle for capturing the dawn. As the sun began [...]

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Spring is in the Air and Class is in Session

What a great way to kick off spring by dusting off the camera after 7 weeks without a single photo and heading out to the newly repaired public way at Parker Lane.  The Marblehead Tech Dinghy Association is one of the bright spots of this COVID winter. With frostbite sailing sidelined due to restrictions on sailing and with these MIT one-design racers available, a new group of boats could be seen racing within Marblehead harbor. The Tech Dinghy was designed by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1935. In November 2020, Jay Watt created the Marblehead Tech [...]

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