Who knew that an innocent foliage shot could turn into a long read of a Marblehead murder mystery?

On Saturday, I was driving around Marblehead trying to capture images of foliage before 2 inches of rain fell and washed all the color away. I had started at Forest River park and then found myself at the light in front of Gatchell Park and figured I would turn into the lot to explore. I photographed one tree with tackle dummies underneath and then found this scene of a small baseball diamond backed by foliage under a perfect sky. I decided to include the sign behind home plate that reads Clem Rodgers Field and the scoreboard to the left.

Before sharing this image, I googled Clem Rodgers and found myself reading an article on Yankee Magazine of a murder mystery that took place in Marblehead in the 1950s with Inspector Clemmons Rodgers (later in the article called Clem Rodgers).  The story was fascinating and I highly encourage you to read it.  It begins:

From Yankee Magazine January 1978

Like the Old Harbor town itself, some of us in Marblehead, Massachusetts, have for twenty-eight years had a grisly horror on our hands. Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend in 1950, as a savage nor’easter battered the Massachusetts coast, spinster Beryl Atherton was strangled to death in her own kitchen, her throat then slashed open in the sign of the cross. From the first, police were without a trace of murderer or motive. I was a newcomer at the time — and among the earliest of suspects.