Abbot Hall in the Fall

I headed out just after noon to run a few errands but also made sure to bring my drone along. I had seen Jack Attridge's gorgeous sunrise shot of Abbot Hall the other day and was surprised at the foliage surrounding it as I had seen very little to capture from the ground. Sure enough, once I was flying, I spotted some great color in the trees surrounding Abbot Hall and went about exploring compositions. I came away with four favorites to share.

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Ware the Colors Shine

I had just about given up on capturing any foliage images this fall as the trees seem to all share a muted color tone after excessive rain this summer.  As luck would have it, I was off today (a bonus Thursday in Marblehead) and received a text from my wife with a photo of Ware Pond she had seen posted to Facebook that day. The photo had been taken by Rachel Sullivan who happens to have several large prints of mine hanging in her home which overlooks this spot in town - small world... Having noted the building clouds, I [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #8 Peak Foliage on Hawthorne Avenue

I struggled with with fall image would end up in my top 10 and put it to a vote but still torn afterwards. There was a perfectly lit maple at Seaside and another maple at peak foliage from Waterside but this image kept pulling me back. In early October, I had driven down Cemetery Road past where I would normally stop to capture scenes in Waterside Cemetery. I found myself staring at this tree forming a perfect frame for the back side of the cemetery and became very excited about a new view to capture and share. I would end [...]

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Bench Under the Light of the Moon

And here is the last of five images captured on Sunday, November 6th. This is the image I had in mind when I left the house (though I planned on getting the moon rising lower and to the left of Brown's Island). When the moon failed to appear, I pivoted and captured an unexpectedly amazing sunset. But when that sunset faded, I walked down Beacon and found the moon finally exiting the clouds. I captured this image of it making sure to include Brown's Island and the hints of fall color. It wasn't until my daughter came into my office [...]

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Up Crowninshield Road (first of five in a series from an unexpectedly great outing – longish post)

This was such a fun and unexpected outing that I wanted to share a bit about my thoughts leading up to and during this amazing shoot - this might be a bit long... So it is Sunday, November 5th and daylight savings time has just ended leading to what always feels like the longest day of the year. I had thought about shooting the moonrise in large part because the timing of the full moon on Tuesday night, while perfect in relation to sunset, would take place at 4:35pm while I was still at work. I hate most things about [...]

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A Sea of Red at Waterside

And back to Waterside where I found that huge maple tree had reached peak color just after capturing the view at Hawthorne Avenue. I've captured this tree from a few different angles but never from Cemetery Road as I did on Sunday afternoon. I had to get the camera between the iron bars and find just the right angle to capture the sunburst through the tree's branches. Between the leaves on the tree and those already fallen to the ground, it was a sea of red at Waterside on this sunny afternoon.

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Fall Reflections on Redd’s Pond

I mentioned in yesterday's post that it took me four visits to hit peak color at Waterside Cemetery. Well, each time, I would continue a look that took me along West Shore drive to Beacon Street and then past Doliber Cove to Norman Street where I would pass Redd's Pond. On the third visit, I found Redd's to be at peak color and with barely any wind to break up the fall reflections in the water. I decided to compose this shot to include all of Pond View and its full reflection while extending out to grab the bright red [...]

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Peak Foliage on Hawthorne Avenue

I started Wednesdays in Marblehead twelve years ago and have tried to explore every part of this town but, two weeks ago, I happened upon a new spot on the back of Waterside Cemetery. I found this amazing composition with a tree's branches perfectly framing the view of gravestones and revisited this spot four times until I found peak color on Sunday. With the different shades of yellow and orange layered in the canopy and the side light casing long shadows from the gravestones, this may be my favorite fall view of Marblehead. If you look at this on a [...]

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Under the Shade at Waterside

On Wednesday, I headed out to capture foliage at Waterside Cemetery and found several trees nearly at peak foliage. I tried to get as many compositions as I could knowing the wind and rain predicted might bring an early end to this leaf hunting season. Here red leaves lay under the shade of one of my favorite trees in town. I'm curious how it will look this weekend...

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