A Sea of Red at Waterside

And back to Waterside where I found that huge maple tree had reached peak color just after capturing the view at Hawthorne Avenue. I've captured this tree from a few different angles but never from Cemetery Road as I did on Sunday afternoon. I had to get the camera between the iron bars and find just the right angle to capture the sunburst through the tree's branches. Between the leaves on the tree and those already fallen to the ground, it was a sea of red at Waterside on this sunny afternoon.

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Fall Reflections on Redd’s Pond

I mentioned in yesterday's post that it took me four visits to hit peak color at Waterside Cemetery. Well, each time, I would continue a look that took me along West Shore drive to Beacon Street and then past Doliber Cove to Norman Street where I would pass Redd's Pond. On the third visit, I found Redd's to be at peak color and with barely any wind to break up the fall reflections in the water. I decided to compose this shot to include all of Pond View and its full reflection while extending out to grab the bright red [...]

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Peak Foliage on Hawthorne Avenue

I started Wednesdays in Marblehead twelve years ago and have tried to explore every part of this town but, two weeks ago, I happened upon a new spot on the back of Waterside Cemetery. I found this amazing composition with a tree's branches perfectly framing the view of gravestones and revisited this spot four times until I found peak color on Sunday. With the different shades of yellow and orange layered in the canopy and the side light casing long shadows from the gravestones, this may be my favorite fall view of Marblehead. If you look at this on a [...]

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Foliage Moon

So this was my first shot at the Hunter's moon on Friday night when I thought it was full. With the moon rise timed to occur before the sun set, I was able to capture a pastel sky as well as some foliage bathed in sunset light. I was pretty happy with this image not realizing that, five minutes later, I would get a stronger composition aiming towards the Corinthian Yacht Club. Also, the fact that this wasn't actually a full moon (that would come the next night over Tinker's), took away from my initial excitement. Still, any chance to [...]

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Seeing Red at Seaside Park

On Saturday, I found myself driving my daughter to Fen Yang and spotted a brilliant red glow to my right as we passed Seaside Park. I had decided to drive to Spray Avenue for the moonrise but had time so I circled back and parked to try to capture this maple tree at peak color. I found this angle from the base of the stairs at Our Lady, Star of the Sea across the street and waited for a break in the traffic to get this shot. There is another maple near the water fountain that I last captured at [...]

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Ware the Leaves Fall

Despite living only a few blocks away from this spot, it had been a few years since I last captured the view of Ware Lane. A picture perfect canopy of trees erupts into beautiful colors each year and I have made it a habit of checking this spot on my walks with the dog every autumn. So it was on Wednesday when we walked along Humphrey Street and passed Rose Avenue, I looked to my left and spotted this scene. It was cloudy when I first saw the canopy of foliage so I made it a point of heading back [...]

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Fall is in the Air

It hasn't been the best year for foliage in Marblehead and the season is likely behind us after the current rain and wind passes but on Saturday October 23rd, the bright sun seemed to beckon me to shoot the fall colors. I decided to drive to the Masonic temple and launched the drone from the parking lot and saw this scene unfold before my eyes. I stayed low and maneuvered the drone so that Abbot Hall broke through the horizon while still being able to view the boats in the harbor. I then moved forward a bit to make sure [...]

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Fading Fall Views

I drive by this view four days a week and keep wishing that someone would expand the small bridge crossing Leggs Hill Road where it meets up with Loring Avenue so it was easier to stop and grab a photo or just stare out at the Forest River Park. It really is a great spot for a view but a terrible spot to stop a car and I've passed by views that put this one to shame but been unable to pull over and capture the moment. Maybe those moments are all the more precious for being so fleeting...

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Abbot Hall above Prospect Alley

I mentioned yesterday that I had driven along Beacon Street on three occasions before finding peak color at Brown's Island. Well, one of those drives took place on October 7th and included a stop along Lee Street where it meets Prospect Alley to find this composition of Abbot Hall. While the tree on the left was just past peak with signs of burnt leaves, it formed a nice frame with the brick facade of a home along Lee Street with which to capture a different view of Abbot Hall. The late morning sun helped light up all three elements in [...]

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