Last year, the Saltsmans brought Marblehead a living dragon for Halloween. This year, the ghost ship Oceanna has arrived at their home to awe and delight everyone walking down Pleasant street tonight.

I spotted the early build of this ghost ship last week as I headed to Crosby’s and then began seeing images of it on Facebook. I kept watching the weather and hoping for foggy conditions with which the ship would undoubtedly come to life but rain kept showing up instead of fog. I decided to head down Pleasant Street on Wednesday morning and capture the incredible workmanship that brought this ship to life and then took a bit of creative license afterward in adding the illusion of fog to the final image.

The ghost ship Oceanna will be open Thursday, October 31st through Saturday, November 2nd from 5 to 9pm at 32 Pleasant Street so make sure to stop in and explore.

Thank you to Tom and Brooke Saltsman (and an entire crew of helpers) for bringing this piece of wonder to town. It was no surprise to find that Tom is an architect and builder and, after seeing this work, have no doubt that his more permanent pieces are just as incredible. You can find more information here –