Heart of the Walking Man

Tom Saltsman has done it again - another brilliant sculpture to bring awe and wonder to the citizens of Marblehead. This year's sculpture is more incredible for having stood (literally) through two storms including a violent Nor'Easter that took out the town's power supply. I had seen the sculpture while it was still being put together and then on social media posts and had this image in mind but the weather would not cooperate...until today. After what felt like days of straight rain, the clouds parted and the sun actually shone. I headed to 32 Pleasant Street and found conditions [...]

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Pumpkin and the Halloween Blue Moon

On Halloween night, I headed out to view King Kong moving through the wonders of Tom Saltsman's animatronics and then continued to Crocker Park where I hoped to capture the rare blue moon. I had an idea in mind to stack focus and combine a foreground shot of a pumpkin on the rocks with that of the full moon rising near Marblehead Light. While the moonrise was a wonder to behold, the stacking didn't quite work out as planned. So here is a sneak peak of tomorrow's moonrise only with the pumpkin stealing focus from the brilliant blue moon.

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King Kong Escapes to Marblehead

In 2018, Tom Saltsman and his crew brought a dragon to life. In 2019, a ghost ship appeared at their home at 32 Pleasant Street. And in 2020, when we needed this the most, the King of the Jungle...KONG! I had driven down Pleasant Street last week to run a quick errand at Crosby's when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a huge black ape squatting in the front yard on Pleasant Street. I had to stop and gape in awe at the sheer size and incredible detail of the work. This is the fourth year in [...]

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Ghost Ship in Marblehead

Last year, the Saltsmans brought Marblehead a living dragon for Halloween. This year, the ghost ship Oceanna has arrived at their home to awe and delight everyone walking down Pleasant street tonight. I spotted the early build of this ghost ship last week as I headed to Crosby's and then began seeing images of it on Facebook. I kept watching the weather and hoping for foggy conditions with which the ship would undoubtedly come to life but rain kept showing up instead of fog. I decided to head down Pleasant Street on Wednesday morning and capture the incredible workmanship that [...]

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Talking Tree at The Hotel Marblehead

As we were driving down Pleasant Street the other day, my wife and I noticed that The Hotel Marblehead's blue and white exterior had been...altered. As a set for Adam Sandler's Netflix movie 'Hubie Halloween' that had been filming in downtown Marblehead recently, the hotel had gone through an incredible transformation to this haunted mansion complete with what appears to be a talking tree. When we drove by, there were lots of people admiring the work. I decided to return before sunrise hoping for some fog to add to the haunted look but that didn't transpire. I got the shot [...]

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Hollywood Comes to Marblehead – Hubie Halloween

After two weeks in London, Tel Aviv and Paris, it was time to return to the real world... or so I thought. Turned out that Marblehead was the backdrop for Adam Sandler's new Netflix movie 'Hubie Halloween' with historic downtown serving as the backdrop for a fall scene in Salem. I visited the set on Monday night when filming had come to a close and was exploring Old Town House draped in orange and black when I spotted a nice sunset forming. From this vantage point on Washington Street, I was able to capture the very different facade of Old [...]

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Here be Dragons in Marblehead

I first received word of a dragon in Marblehead by email a few weeks ago. Then I spotted the great video by James Maroney of Marblehead Community Access and knew I had to get down to Pleasant Street to view this incredible animatronic work of art.  I arrived a little before 9am and was in awe of the scale of the dragon. It stretches over the garage and across to the house. In the morning, the dragon had not yet woken with its animatronics powered down for the evening. I took a few photos and contacted the owners - Tom [...]

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Racing by Crocker Park

With Saturday's Nor'Easter, I had just about given up on capturing foliage in Marblehead. With a shortened schedule for the EYC's annual Halloween Race, I headed across the causeway and set up along the Eastern's pier to capture scenes of the colorful boats passing by Crocker Park toward Abbot Hall. As the sun poked through the clouds, Crocker Park lit up behind the boats and I spotted some colorful leaves in the background. I ended up with at least a dozen 'keepers' in the hour or so spent shooting the race but this image of the boats passing by Crocker [...]

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Neck and Neck during the Halloween Race

The annual Eastern Yacht Club Halloween Race took place in Marblehead Harbor today and the clouds broke apart just long enough for me to come home with several keepers. The normally two-day event was cut to one by yesterdays Nor'Easter and so sailing took place longer than usual on this last Sunday in October. I had just dropped off my daughter and headed across the Neck where I set up in front of the Eastern Yacht Club for this prime viewing location. I had to wait for the intermittent bursts of light but was thrilled to capture not only the [...]

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Once Upon a Time in Marblehead

For the past 15 years, Heather and Roy Martin have been creating incredible displays to celebrate Halloween in Marblehead.  I had heard stories of High Street as the destination for trick or treating in town but had not yet ventured there with my wife and young kids.  In advance of this Halloween, I posted a question of the All Marblehead Happenings Facebook page and received some great advice about the street and this house. We arrived a little before 6pm and I stood in line while my wife took the kids around houses to collect candy.  From the street, one [...]

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