On December 9, 2017, I headed down to Little Harbor as the first flakes of snow fell before noon hoping to capture the First Harbor Company’s boat and decked out Christmas tree. It was a dark afternoon with little available light due to cloud cover and, when I returned home, I processed my favorite image from the outing true to the conditions of that day.  This image quickly became one of my favorites and resonated with many of you who bought it as prints. It graced my calendar a few years ago as well.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by the creative director of Northshore Magazine about using this image for their December cover. He was great to work with and I sent him the processed file only to find a much brighter version gracing the final cover image. It was a take on this shot that I hadn’t considered as the light on the tree seemed unnatural for the snowy conditions. But, as I kept looking at it, the new version grew on me. I was asked about offering that version as a print and so here it is side-by-side with the original. I couldn’t quite get myself to shift the green color as much as the cover image had (the tree was looking artificial at that point).

The two images seem to have very different moods to me – one a darker, lonelier tree out in the middle of the ocean; the other a bright spot in an otherwise empty ocean.

I’m curious which you prefer. Both will be available for purchase on my Shop page as well as in this post by visiting my site.

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