Rather than share one or two shots from Tuesday night’s fun outing and then save the rest in the ‘to be published’ folder, I thought it would be fun to take you through the hour spent at Crocker Park as the light developed. I cheated by showing one of my favorites from 8:07pm right off the bat but let’s take a step back.

I arrived at Crocker Park at 7:20pm and captured this shot at 7:27. I had chosen Crocker because the light seemed most promising to the north where a storm was crossing over Gloucester but another had just formed south nearer Nahant and there was always the possibility of great light to the west as the sun set. Crocker offered me the best options no matter which way the light exploded.

So this was the scene as the show is about to begin. There are interesting cloud formations to the north and I started off shooting near the bottom of Crocker where the float will hopefully be going in soon. I opted for a lower view to make the boats in the moorings appear more crowded together and then composed the shot to include as much of the sky as I could with layers of blue, grey and white as different clouds competed for positioning and attention.