Summer Sunsets on the Harbor

Though it has been great to explore views over Marblehead with my new Phantom 4 Pro, I cannot wait for the mooring to fill with boats and capture warm Summer sunsets on the harbor.  This image was taken on a picture perfect evening in September but we are only five weeks away from seeing boats starting to fill Marblehead harbor for the season.

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Floating in Darkness

I've captured the small boat in First Harbor with its Christmas trees from many angles and in varying light but as soon as I purchased my drone, I knew of one angle that I couldn't wait to try.  In mid-December, I launched the Phantom 4 Pro near the Marblehead Lobster Company and took it to its limit of 400 feet before aiming the camera straight down on this grouping of boats.  With the light having faded, the small Christmas tree stood out among the boats floating in darkness.  I used my car's headlights to help light up the scene. *This [...]

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Working Boats of Marblehead Harbor

This sunset image of the working boats of Marblehead harbor seemed like a fitting way to head into the long weekend.  As the days grow longer and after this January thaw, Spring suddenly doesn't seem so far away. This image was taken on April 12, 2016 at 7:20pm as the sunset gave up its last rays of light to illuminate the sky and the working boats of Marblehead harbor floated on the still waters.  From now until late April, these boats will remain the sole denizens of our harbor and then each mooring will begin to fill with pleasure boats [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #5 – Golden Fog in Marblehead Harbor

Back to the Top 10 of 2016 Countdown and the first warm image to make it to the favorite list of images.  I had gone out on July 5th when golden fog rolled into Marblehead Harbor and was rewarded with the most incredible light I had seen in our town.  The light was so awesome that two images from this evening are in my Top 10 list (the other just missed the #1 slot).  The combination of fog enveloping (but not overwhelming) the familiar Marblehead skyline and the harbor filled with boats made this an easy choice for #5 on [...]

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Pink Sky and the Hint of Moonrise

October's Hunters Moon came up during a surprisingly nice sunset and, between the two phenomena, I was like a kid in a candy store from my perch at Crocker Park.  It was only fitting then that at the first hint of moonrise over Marblehead Neck, the sky turned cotton candy pink. I composed this image to include the boats in Marblehead harbor reflecting the last glow of sunlight and with Marblehead Light's green beacon signaling the sunset.

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Dawn on Little Harbor

This past weekend, I had an Allergy conference to attend in Boston.  That meant early morning wake ups and, on Saturday, I noted an incredible dawn from our house and quickly scanned the webcams in marblehead to find that the water had turned to a brilliant red display in one of the more impressive views of dawn on Little Harbor I had seen.  Unfortunately, all of this played out on my computer screen.  As Sunday's conference schedule was due to start a bit later, I decided to leave the house for Little Harbor and hoped for a nice repeat dawn [...]

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Last Sail of the Season

Long before the Hunters moon rose on October 15th, I had made my way onto Marblehead Neck and discovered just a hint of Fall foliage across the shore.  I had my longest lens on the camera in anticipation of the moon rise later in the night and composed this image to include Abbot Hall, the Boston Yacht Club and houses all surrounded by spots of Fall color.  Just when I thought I had the perfect composition, I spotted this sailboat returning from what was presumably its last sail of the season. Speaking of the BYC, I will be participating in [...]

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Masts and Steeples on a Foggy Evening

On the evening of July 5th, an incredible display of fog descended upon Marblehead Harbor and I was fortunate to have been at Chandler Hovey Park from where I capture image after image as conditions quickly changed.  As the fog reached its peak, it created a sepia-like tone to the view of boats in Marblehead harbor and I found this composition made up mostly of ship masts and steeples in the foreground.  The fog hid nearly all other houses across the water and created a scene that seemed at once suited to the works of Renaissance masters rather than anything [...]

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A Sailing Town at Sunset

Marblehead has been called many things but it is most certainly a sailing town and all its residents know of the old refrain - Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight.  On a late September evening, I was treated to an incredible sunset from my spot on Corinthian Lane.  The colors built from an initially foggy yellow to orange then purple and finally this red sky at night.  It wasn't until 20 minutes after the sun set that the colors in the sky began to fade and I packed up for the night. Hope you enjoy this view of our sailing [...]

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