Dawn’s Early Light

On Sunday morning, I awoke just after 5am and decided to make the most of that with a photo outing at the State Street Landing. I had checked sunrise location and times and thought I read that the sun would cross the horizon at 6:20am. Given that, I drove out early and arrived at State Street to find a slowly developing yellow-orange glow of dawn's early light. The light had a great effect on the still waters of Marblehead Harbor but, within minutes, had disappeared leaving a mostly grey view. I waited and waited but did not see signs of [...]

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GameDay Sunrise

And I almost missed it... I woke up this morning just after 5 for no good reason and decided to take advantage of the early wake up with a photo outing. I quickly scouted out the location of the sunrise as well as predicted cloud cover and didn't hold too much hope for a nice showing but drove down to the State Street landing anyway. I arrived too early but was treated to a nice orange dawn that then seemed to fizzle out just as the sun rose into a bank of clouds. I picked up the tripod and camera [...]

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A Light After the Storm

Yesterday was an awful, terrible, gut punch of a day... I shared a photo of the Marblehead varsity football game that I had shot on Friday night and left at 8am to shoot the JV game. I was excited to capture moments that these kids would hopefully take to heart and love the idea of finding those moments of camaraderie and greatness that seem to only come in the younger years. But then, 10 minutes into the game, an awful leg injury occurred. I literally dropped my camera and headed to the fallen player to see if there was anything [...]

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Endless Sunset

On June 15th one of the best sunsets of the year formed over Marblehead Neck and I happened to have picked the perfect spot from which to capture it. This is the eighth capture I will have shared from that night shooting every which way at Crocker Park. This was just after the peak of light over the Neck which had bathed the water in a golden reflection.  In this image captured a few minutes post-peak, the gold had become a bit more muted and introduced pinks and purples to the edges of the cloud as the sun dipped lower [...]

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Parker Lane Sunset

On Wednesday, September 8, I headed out twice on photo outings and found myself at one of my favorite public ways both times. Parker Lane can be found shortly after crossing the causeway onto Marblehead Neck and is a small lane leading to a bench that overlooks Marblehead Harbor. There used to be stairs leading down to the shore but those washed away a few years ago. In its place is a new ladder bolted to the concrete wall which continues to allow access to the shore during all but high tides. I had visited Parker Lane at 2pm as [...]

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Storm’s A Coming

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had gone out to Crocker Park on that Wednesday at dawn hoping for a bit of red sky that might precede the coming storm. In the wide view I shared, the hints of red could only be seen close to the horizon. I took advantage of my zoom lens to compose a tighter shot that encompassed the patch of red sky and ignoring the blue surrounding it. At its peak (15 minutes before the wider shot), there was a bit of that fiery glow to alert sailors that a storm's a coming to [...]

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Barnegat Blue Moon

I didn't have much hope for capturing tonight's blue moon. I had started off at Fort Sewall (my first time since they reopened the site) and had just decided that the low lying haze would block any hope of a good moonrise.  I headed over to the Little Harbor Lobster Company's lot and parked with a view of little harbor and waited just in case. Just as the blue hour hit with a deep blue sky, the August blue moon (the third of four full moons in a season) rose in the clearing of trees over Gerry Island. I scrambled [...]

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In the Nick of Time

I couldn't make up my mind about tonight's sunset and, by the time I did, almost missed the peak light. I had a late start and my first stop at Parker Lane was a no-go with the angle of light being just a bit off. From there I headed around to Foster and then went down to the Pleon's pier where I set up and composed this shot just in the nick of time.  Within a minute, the light had already become more muted. I shot a few more frames but quickly realized the best light had passed and packed [...]

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Best Harbor in America

As I was looking for images to post this week, I stopped at this shot and thought 'this must be the best harbor in America'. And then I promptly Googled to see if that was a real contest. Turns out it is as of 2019 when US Harbors started a contest and, to my dismay, Marblehead wasn't even listed. The winner of the Northeast section was Padanaram, South Darmouth. Interestingly, only 2,500 people voted for the 2021 version of the contest so I figured when the time comes next year (voting should start in late March/early April 2022), we should [...]

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Breaking through the Clouds

It's almost funny looking back at this image captured on the fourth of July and realizing we have spent much of the second wettest month on record in similar conditions. On that day, I had gone out just after noon and ended up capturing what I thought was an interesting low bank of clouds from the Pleon.  Abbot Hall seems to be breaking through the clouds with a nearly full harbor laid out in front.

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