Under the Friday Night Lights

And another throwback to simpler times and recalling the joy of a Marblehead High School football game under the Friday night lights.  This shot was captured on September 7, 2018 when my daughter's then 5th grade Marblehead cheer team attended the game in full uniform.  I captured a few shots of the game from the fence but also took this shot of the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Again, at the time, the image was relegated to the 'to be published' folder but now brings back memories of fun evenings under the lights. Football may end up more interesting with its [...]

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Blowing in the Wind

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had gone out on Sunday to capture images of a rapidly disappearing fall foliage around town. My first stop was Marblehead High School where I had last noted some early color a week prior.  I arrived just before 5pm as the sun was illuminating the few trees displaying nice color. As an added bonus the grass in the foreground was lit by sun and blowing in the wind that would pick up periodically. I composed this image to include the grass, trees and the tower of the high school and then [...]

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Little Drummer Boy

On Saturday, I drove around town looking for some early sign of fall and found a couple of trees that started to display their fall foliage at Marblehead High School. I decided to compose a shot of the little drummer boy sculpture with the foliage serving as backdrop and couldn't have asked for better light with the bright blue sky. The angle of the sun shone brightly on the drummer boy's face while adding a bit of shadow under his hat.

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Friday Night Lights at Marblehead High

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we had gone out for dinner before attending the first game of the season at Marblehead High School. We arrived in time to catch the first touchdown and then stayed for the entire game and another 7 touchdowns for a final score of 55-0 (one missed extra point). It was a great evening though colder than expected with the feel of autumn in the air. Here is one shot of a running play near the end of the game under Friday night lights at Marblehead High.

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Thanksgiving Football in Marblehead

One of my favorite Marblehead traditions is the annual Thanksgiving football game pitting Marblehead against Swampscott.  I've attended every game with my son since moving here in 2008 and have captured a few photos of the action on the field in years past.  As I left the house for the game this year, I made sure to pack the drone as the weather conditions seemed perfect. We arrived and watched the game unfold with Swampscott taking an early lead only to watch as the Marblehead Magicians clawed their way back and then sprinted ahead for good.  At half time, I [...]

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Friday Night Lights – Marblehead High School Football

With conditions for the Marblehead High School football game, I grabbed my drone and headed out to capture an aerial image of Friday Night lights.  This was one of many aerial images I had hoped to capture when I purchased the Phantom 4 Pro but had to wait for perfect conditions (as well as an FAA waiver) to allow me to realize it. The Marblehead Magicians were facing off against Gloucester in a home game on a warm fall evening and would go on to win this game and continue their undefeated season.  I showed up five minutes before kickoff [...]

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Marblehead High School Graduation – Get the Perfect Gift for your New Grad

Every year since publishing my Wednesdays in Marblehead calendar, I have tried to figure out when the Marblehead High School graduation would take place.  Instead of the Doctor Seuss books that often accompany young graduates to college, I thought that a more unique gift would be the Marblehead book and/or Marblehead calendar to allow these soon-to-be freshmen with a small piece of home to take with them.  The actual date of graduation isn't readily available - I was finally able to find it on the high school website by clicking on the calendar of events. When is the Marblehead High [...]

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The Annual Thanksgiving Football Game – Marblehead vs Swampscott

Thanksgiving in Marblehead is an incredible time to get together with family and friends but it is made even more special by the annual Thanksgiving football game between Marblehead and Swampscott.  I headed to the game today with my son and brought along the camera...just in case.  We were standing at the far end zone facing a brisk wind that made it feel like the teens out there.  The reward for braving the cold was that Marblehead was driving toward us in the first quarter.  In the first few minutes of the game, Marblehead's Brooks Tyrrell broke free and ran [...]

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School Colors on display at Marblehead High School

For the past few weeks, I've been on the hunt for examples of great foliage in town.  Everytime I drove down Pleasant Street, I would look up at Marblehead High School and note the status of the trees there.  On October 27th, the day before Hurricane Sandy was due to arrive, I decided to make a quick stop in the afternoon.  I figured this would be my last chance to shoot the trees there for the season and thought the timing might just work out. As I drove around the rotary and parked, I was thrilled to see the oranges [...]

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