This was not what I had envisioned shooting this morning…

I had set out early in the hopes of capturing the setting moon as the cloud predictions suggested a break near the horizon line but as I sat and watched the sky lighten, I realized the moon was not going to show. I had stopped at Devereux Beach on Wednesday midway between shooting the sunrise from Front Street and the second part of the sunrise from across the causeway. When I did, I had spotted the sun behind Tinker’s Island and that led me to pull over at the parking lot (absolutely cratered with sand by the way).

I arrived as the first red light formed over Tinker’s and watched as it grew into a bright orb of light. I thought about sharing that shot but really liked this one taken a minute or so later with seagulls caught throughout the red sky.

As the sky portends, weather is on the way with rain and maybe a hint of snow. Stay dry and enjoy this start to your day. Couldn’t resist the play on words with ‘Tinkering at Dawn’ as the title.