Tinkers island

Cloudy with a Chance of Tinkers

This may well be the single worst title I have every come up with for a post in the nearly 10 years of Wednesdays in Marblehead. I'm not sure if it's the quarantine or the fact that no one could tell me what type of clouds these were (stratocumulus???). In any event, if you audibly groaned at the title, you have my apologies. What's a bit more interesting is that I've held off posting this shot since I captured it on May 12, 2015. I looked back to its spot in my catalogue and immediately remembered the night from the [...]

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Raging Storm

With warnings of wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour, today's predicted storm put me in mind of this outing on March 3, 2018 when a raging storm hurled waves across the causeway. In this shot, you can judge the height of the splash over as it rises higher than the lamp posts on the causeway and you can make out one of the structures on Tinkers Island in the distance. Even the causeway had white caps on this wind swept day.

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Breaking Waves at Sunrise on New Years Day

Each year on New Years Day, I wake before dawn without an alarm clock and head out to capture the first sunrise of the year. I had missed out on a great sunrise the day before (the last one of 2018) and hoped for a repeat performance. With temperatures in the upper 40's, I figured no matter what the morning brought, it would be nice to be out shooting for the first time since the Christmas moon. I drove down Atlantic Avenue and decided to stop at Devereux Beach. The tide was high (and rising) and I had figured out [...]

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Flying over Tinkers Island

In late January, I noted some kite surfers at Devereux Beach as I drove across the causeway and made a beeline for home to grab my gear in order to capture images of them jumping waves and catching air. With my new camera, I also captured some video and ended up sharing that before any stills. As it happened, storm after storm followed and I am only now sharing the first image of this surfer flying over Tinkers Island.

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Full Worm Moon over Tinkers Island

That was a surprisingly nice moonrise. I had little hope for seeing let alone capturing the full worm moon tonight given the cloud cover and timing of the moonrise (5:17pm). I left my Danvers office at 5:00pm and drove straight to Surf Street where I had mapped out the moon rise to take place over Tinkers Island. As luck would have it, I hit every green light and arrived at my location at 5:29pm just as the full moon was rising above the cloud cover. I had enough time to setup my camera with its longest lens on the tripod [...]

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Chasing Rainbows and Storm Clouds

We have had an incredibly dry Summer in Marblehead which has translated into very few opportunities for chasing rainbows.  I have only had once chance thus far when a storm cloud passed through town (conveniently on a Wednesday evening) and I ran out of the house to the nearest vantage point. I arrived at the edge of Bass Rocks Lane as the light began to fade and had only seconds to capture this view of a rainbow, storm clouds and the white haze of falling rain over the ocean and Tinkers Island.  I'm hoping for a few more chances to chase rainbows [...]

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Tinker’s Island in the Frame

In the Summer of 2012, we were invited by friends to their rental home on the Neck.  As I walked the grounds, I spotted this view of Tinker's Island framed by an archway.  I had left my tripod at home thinking I would only take photos of my kids so I braced myself against a wall and fired off two shots (one for Tinker's Island in the distance and the other for the archway).  I later blended the two together so that both were in focus in the final image.

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A Natural Infinity Pool on Marblehead Neck

In the Summer of 2013, we were invited to a certain house on the neck being rented by friends (now neighbors). It was actually our second time to this property on Fishing Point Lane and so I made sure to bring my camera as I had spied some interesting possibilities on our last time out. As the kids clambered on rocks, I wandered the property and found this shallow pool of water overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Tinker's Island in the distance.  At the right angle, the small collection of water took on the appearance of a natural infinity pool [...]

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Sea Smoke at Sunrise – Tinker’s Island and the Red Glow of Dawn

I just couldn't wait to share this image until Monday so here is a rare Sunday shot showcasing an incredible moment capturing sea smoke off Devereux Beach as the sun rose behind Tinker's Island. After the storm blew through and left us with almost two feet of snow, an arctic air mass was due to envelope Marblehead and with the near zero degree temperatures came the chance of seeing sea smoke.  I had only seen sea smoke on a few occasions since moving to Marblehead and have never missed a chance to go out and capture the fleeting phenomenon.  On [...]

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