Marblehead Dawn in Four Parts

After the lunar eclipse and when no hope for the reappearance of the moon remained, I stood and watched as dawn turned to sunrise and the colors in the sky gradually changed as did the light on Abbot Hall. With my camera on a tripod, I was able to depress my remote shutter release and did so four times from 6:17 am to 6:27 am.  I was left with four identical compositions changed only by the amount of sunlight on the scene. And yet, they came out so wildly different that I thought it interesting to share. I can't decide [...]

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Sliver of Sunrise

Last week, I awoke before dawn to capture the full Harvest moon setting and, as luck would have it, had 10 minutes to reach my next destination before the sun rose. I ended up at the State Street Landing where I was able to set up with my longest lens for the composition. As soon as I saw that sliver of sunrise, a smile spread across my face. I continued to shoot and adjust the composition as the full circle of the sun became clear with a red haze from recent wildfires out west. I shared the shot of the [...]

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The Sun Also Rises

I haven't been out to shoot a sunrise in what feels like forever and had actually woken at 5:15am on Saturday morning to shoot in the opposite direction to capture the full Harvest moon setting (that shot came out great - posting Monday morning). After shooting the moon from Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted the haze where the sun was due to rise and realized I had 10 minutes to find a new spot. I drove across the causeway at the the State Street Landing from where I found this composition with boats filling their moorings on a mid-September morning [...]

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Cloudy and no Chance of Moonset

I had gone out on Saturday morning hoping that the clouds might stay high enough or hold off long enough for me to capture the full moon setting. I drove across the causeway and looped around Chandler Hovey Park with those hopes rapidly fading but, as I crossed back along the causeway, I saw the first hint of pink in the morning sky. I quickly changed course and headed to the State Street Landing where I rushed out and captured a few compositions as the dawn sky erupted in color. This was my favorite of the four 'keepers' from this [...]

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Tinkering at Dawn

This was not what I had envisioned shooting this morning... I had set out early in the hopes of capturing the setting moon as the cloud predictions suggested a break near the horizon line but as I sat and watched the sky lighten, I realized the moon was not going to show. I had stopped at Devereux Beach on Wednesday midway between shooting the sunrise from Front Street and the second part of the sunrise from across the causeway. When I did, I had spotted the sun behind Tinker's Island and that led me to pull over at the parking [...]

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Morning Light – part 1

And this is how the morning light began on a Wednesday in mid-December... I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had missed the sunrise on Monday and Tuesday of this week so made a point of heading out on Wednesday just in case. I decided to shoot from Front Street and was thrilled to find broken cloud cover overhead. I waited from the break of dawn to this point at 6:53am when the angle of sunlight reflected off the clouds above painting them in shades of red. I left just after the peak of light and drove across the causeway [...]

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Morning Light – part 2

This was my second view of sunrise this morning (and no, you did not miss part 1 - I'll share that tomorrow)... I had missed the incredible sunrise on Monday morning and the other really nice one on Tuesday and made sure not to miss the possibility of a decent one on this Wednesday in Marblehead. I started off on Front Street shooting toward Marblehead Light with some nice clouds overhead but left there before the sun rose as I had a hunch about the light in the other direction. I drove to Devereux and pulled over in the parking [...]

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Sleep til Dawn

I miss being able to roll out of bed at 6:00 in the morning and still have time to capture scenes like this of dawn breaking over Marblehead Harbor... Captured in mid-October before the dreaded end of Daylight Savings Time and the onset of horribly early sunrises and sunsets; the latter of which I tend to stare at from my office window these days.

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We Fly at Dawn

I love capturing a lone bird in a sunrise or sunset shot as it adds a bit of life and movement to a scene but on October 10th, I got far more than I expected as a flock of birds formed a line circling Marblehead Light as I captured a muted sunrise from along Front Street.

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Tuckers Wharf Dawn

I was looking for an image to share and happened upon this one captured as the sun appeared over Marblehead Neck just after dawn on October 3rd. I was standing at Tuckers Wharf to try to maximize the number of boats seen in the harbor. I lucked out with the light on this morning as it transitioned from a yellow-orange dawn to a pink sunrise.  I love these late sunrises in the fall solely for the opportunity to get out and capture them at a reasonable hour.

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