Though the site is called Wednesday in Marblehead, I more often than not shoot on other days of the week. However, this is the second top 10 image in a row captured on a Wednesday – this time October 20th. This was a busy day with a dawn moonset shoot, a stop at Eat Well Kitchen to discuss putting up prints for the month of December (they are still up though several have sold) then a trip to Brown’s Island for an unexpectedly great sunset and, finally, a chance check at Redd’s to capture the light of the moon.

I hadn’t shot at Redd’s Pond in a while and so, finding the full moon perfectly situated between Pond View and the trees of the cemetery, made me smile and appreciate the turn of events leading me to this spot at just the right time.

For being the last image taken after a great Wednesday in Marblehead and for the unique view of a partially obscured full moon, ‘Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond’ is my 4th favorite image of 2021.