Above the Clouds at Chandler Hovey Park

This was the other image I captured from atop Fort Sewall as the full moon rose above the clouds on Sunday night. I shared the image of a lone paddle boarder which I thought offered a dynamic contrast in the relative sizes of man and moon.  I ended up favoring that image over this more classic composition but still thought this one worthy of a share. I wonder which you prefer - 'Moonrise Paddle' or 'Above the Clouds'?

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Moonrise Paddle

I headed out tonight in the hopes of capturing the super flower full moon (when did moon names get so long?).  I had checked its expected location and decided to shoot from the recently renovated Fort Sewall only I did not pay attention to the time and arrive almost an hour early for the 7:40pm rise. I ended up crossing the causeway to shoot back towards Abbot Hall but the clouds filled the sky too quickly for a nice shot there. Once back at the Fort, I set up only to realize I had missed my mark and quickly moved [...]

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Pink Moonset

A wider shot from the full snow moon setting on February 16th than I had initially shared. It's easy to fall into the trap of zooming as far as possible but I try to make it a point to zoom out as well to take in the full scene. Here the 100mm view offered a full pink sky as well as the expanse of landmarks including Abbot Hall, Boston Yacht Club, Crocker Park, St Michael's and Grace Community Church.

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Full Snow Moon sets over Abbot Hall

What a nice start to this Wednesday in Marblehead. I had planned out the timing and location of this morning's full snow moon setting and figured that if I set up along Foster Street, I had a decent chance (weather providing) to capture a nice image of the full moon abutting Abbot Hall.  Alarm went off and I was out the door in cold weather gear (it was a brisk 11 F) and headed across the causeway with a grin across my face as I spotted the moon and few if any clouds to get in the way. Sure enough, [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #4 – Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Though the site is called Wednesday in Marblehead, I more often than not shoot on other days of the week. However, this is the second top 10 image in a row captured on a Wednesday - this time October 20th. This was a busy day with a dawn moonset shoot, a stop at Eat Well Kitchen to discuss putting up prints for the month of December (they are still up though several have sold) then a trip to Brown's Island for an unexpectedly great sunset and, finally, a chance check at Redd's to capture the light of the moon. I [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #10 – Moonrise over the Neck

I'm not sure how many times I've shot the moonrise at this point and so, when I come upon a new composition, I get excited. The full pink moon rose on April 26 and I decided to shoot it from Screaming Lady Cove along Front street just to the right of the Barnacle restaurant. The timing of the moonrise coupled with clear skies created a pink glow in the sky while the houses along the Neck were bathed in golden light. The lone beautiful sailboat perfectly situated on its mooring...instant favorite. For the shear joy of finding a new composition [...]

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Hunting the Moon at Brown’s Island

I mentioned in last night's very long text that I had started off shooting the full moon rising over Brown's Island. if you didn't quite make it through the whole thing, here is the section related to these two shots: I headed back across the mud (shoes tied this time) and found that Harding Lane wasn't quite right for the moonrise so I walked back to Beacon Street and then onto that outflow thing where I started to shoot the moon rising against the canopy of Brown's Island. Ran back to the car to switch lenses and back thinking one [...]

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Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Today was a great Wednesday in Marblehead! Started off at dawn shooting the full moon setting and getting lucky with anti-crepuscular rays at sunrise. I thought I would share that shot tonight or tomorrow but then decided to head out to shoot the moonrise. In between, I was invited to Eat Well Kitchen and learned they want to showcase my photography for the month of November!  Going to put up prints next Wednesday (stop by and say hi) and then will be there for a Pop Up on December 4th with books and calendars - Save the Date! So I [...]

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Harvard Moonset

So the theme for the week appears to be 'making do when the weather doesn't quite cooperate'... Got up before dawn hoping to capture the full moon setting. I had two spots in mind - the public way at Parker Lane or the end of Harvard Street. As I drove, the sky seemed to hold promise but when I arrived at Harvard Street, I spotted a very small bank of clouds hanging behind Abbot Hall. There was a section that seemed to thin out and I stood there hoping for a few breaks to allow the moon to shine through [...]

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Whaler Moon

I missed this month's full moon but realized I had this image from last month that I had yet to share. I had captured the full moon rising over Gerry Island but then drove home along Beacon Street and pulled over when I spotted this scene. I wasn't along shooting the moonrise over Brown's and liked this composition with the whaler appearing in the wake of the light of the moon. The final image justified the multiple mosquito bites I got in the 10 minutes it took to capture this shot.

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