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Light Up the Moon

The full moon rose almost three weeks ago and I'm only now finding time to share this image from the night. I had captured a deep red full moon just before 8pm while there was still a bit of light in the evening sky and shared that one immediately. A few minutes later, the moon had disappeared behind a low bank of clouds and I sought a new composition. I was able to predict a spot along Front Street from which I could capture this shot of the full moon behind Marblehead Light. I couldn't be sure of it's exact [...]

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Red Moon at Night

This was the second of three favorites from last night's red moon rising over Chandler Hovey Park. Once the full Sturgeon moon appeared, I moved up and down Front Street to try to get different compositions. In this one, I shifted a bit to the left (toward Fort Sewall) and caught a nice trio of boats while still keeping the flagpole at Chandler Hovey in the frame. I'm curious which you prefer - last night's Red Moon Rising or this morning's Red Moon at Night.

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Red Moon Rising

The full Sturgeon moon rose tonight over Chandler Hovey Park and I had very nearly given up on trying to capture it.  It was 7:30pm, we had just finished dinner, and I very nearly had forgotten about the moonrise. I quickly checked the weather report and saw that cloud cover was minimal. I then spent a few minutes trying to get motivated to shoot the moonrise and left the house with only the camera and tripod in hand. I arrived on Front Street with five minutes to set up and was starting to worry when I hadn't spotted the moon [...]

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Unbelievable Moonrise

The full moon will rise tonight at 8:10pm and I won't be able to shoot it so I thought I would share an image of the moon from my to be published folder. I dove into my folder and looked through all the moon shots until I stopped at this unbelievable moonrise. I have to admit that the first thing I thought was 'that can't be real'. I honestly thought I had played with a composite and that was why it had not been shared. I looked back at the original file and, sure enough, the moon really was that [...]

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Fountain Park Moonrise

Last night, the full flower moon rose under picture perfect conditions with clear skies and a warm evening. I had scouted out locations from which to capture the moonrise and had decided on Fountain Park for a different vantage point from the usual spots at Fort Sewall or Front Street. I arrived a bit early and enjoyed standing at the park overlooking Little Harbor, Doaks Lane and Fort Sewall. At 8:12pm, the sunset cannons fired and I managed to capture two of them in a short video. Shortly after that I spotted the moon but had to wait another ten [...]

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Moon in the Clouds

On March 31st, I headed out in the hopes of capturing the full blue moon setting over Abbot Hall. When I arrived at Corinthian Lane to shoot the moonset, I noted some haze and watches as the brilliant moon began to fade into the clouds. I shot the moon in the clouds just before the details of its face were lost. As luck would have it, the moon reappeared just before dipping below the horizon. I shared that shot the same day but saved this one until today.

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Full Worm Moon over Tinkers Island

That was a surprisingly nice moonrise. I had little hope for seeing let alone capturing the full worm moon tonight given the cloud cover and timing of the moonrise (5:17pm). I left my Danvers office at 5:00pm and drove straight to Surf Street where I had mapped out the moon rise to take place over Tinkers Island. As luck would have it, I hit every green light and arrived at my location at 5:29pm just as the full moon was rising above the cloud cover. I had enough time to setup my camera with its longest lens on the tripod [...]

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Super Blue Blood Moon setting over Marblehead

I couldn't pass up shooting a 'super blue blood moon' especially when conditions were perfect with forecast for clear skies this morning. The name comes from a unique combination of the moon's proximity to Earth (super), the second full moon in a month (blue) and a partial lunar eclipse (blood). I had scouted out locations last night based on the projected moon set and settled on an area between the Eastern Yacht Club and Corinthian Lane.  As I crossed the causeway onto the Neck, I spotted the bright moon low in the evening sky and followed it as I drove [...]

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New Years Supermoon

I have been looking forward to the New Years Supermoon for two weeks now and kept hoping the predictions for clear skies would hold.  I had everything I needed to capture the first moonrise of 2018 - new camera and a longer lens - that could offer me reach I never had before and the dynamic range to balance the brightness of the moon against Marblehead Light. As it happened, the perfect vantage point for the moonrise fell right in the backyard of my Wednesdays in Marblehead book designer. I sent her an email a few days back to see [...]

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Top 10 of 2017 – #10 – Cloudy with a Chance of Moonrise

As we start the Top 10 of 2017 countdown that will lead us into the New Years Day slideshow, we begin with a crowd favorite and the sole moonrise image of the top 10.  I was able to choose my top 9 this year fairly easily but struggled with the final four options for the final spot.  I decided to put the decision up for a vote on my Facebook and Instagram pages and this image was the clear winner. I captured this image on December 3rd, 2017 when I ventured out hoping to capture a moonrise despite the cloudy [...]

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