Hunting the Moon at Brown’s Island

I mentioned in last night's very long text that I had started off shooting the full moon rising over Brown's Island. if you didn't quite make it through the whole thing, here is the section related to these two shots: I headed back across the mud (shoes tied this time) and found that Harding Lane wasn't quite right for the moonrise so I walked back to Beacon Street and then onto that outflow thing where I started to shoot the moon rising against the canopy of Brown's Island. Ran back to the car to switch lenses and back thinking one [...]

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Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Today was a great Wednesday in Marblehead! Started off at dawn shooting the full moon setting and getting lucky with anti-crepuscular rays at sunrise. I thought I would share that shot tonight or tomorrow but then decided to head out to shoot the moonrise. In between, I was invited to Eat Well Kitchen and learned they want to showcase my photography for the month of November!  Going to put up prints next Wednesday (stop by and say hi) and then will be there for a Pop Up on December 4th with books and calendars - Save the Date! So I [...]

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Harvard Moonset

So the theme for the week appears to be 'making do when the weather doesn't quite cooperate'... Got up before dawn hoping to capture the full moon setting. I had two spots in mind - the public way at Parker Lane or the end of Harvard Street. As I drove, the sky seemed to hold promise but when I arrived at Harvard Street, I spotted a very small bank of clouds hanging behind Abbot Hall. There was a section that seemed to thin out and I stood there hoping for a few breaks to allow the moon to shine through [...]

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Whaler Moon

I missed this month's full moon but realized I had this image from last month that I had yet to share. I had captured the full moon rising over Gerry Island but then drove home along Beacon Street and pulled over when I spotted this scene. I wasn't along shooting the moonrise over Brown's and liked this composition with the whaler appearing in the wake of the light of the moon. The final image justified the multiple mosquito bites I got in the 10 minutes it took to capture this shot.

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Barnegat Blue Moon

I didn't have much hope for capturing tonight's blue moon. I had started off at Fort Sewall (my first time since they reopened the site) and had just decided that the low lying haze would block any hope of a good moonrise.  I headed over to the Little Harbor Lobster Company's lot and parked with a view of little harbor and waited just in case. Just as the blue hour hit with a deep blue sky, the August blue moon (the third of four full moons in a season) rose in the clearing of trees over Gerry Island. I scrambled [...]

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Full Pink Moon and the Channel Marker

Last week, I headed down to Fort Street for the moonrise and came away with a very different view when I focused on houses on the Neck and a lone sailboat. I mentioned in that post that it was really hard to not shoot the full pink moon with the lighthouse in the frame and, in reality, I really couldn't pass up that shot.  Though I have shot similar compositions before, this time I saw the setting sunlight glinting off the channel marker and decided that the small red and green marker added just enough to make for a new [...]

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Moonrise over the Neck

I almost bailed on tonight's full pink moon but, thanks to a friendly nudge from Mark Katz [], I came away with a very unexpected final shot. So today was very busy with spring in full gear and lots of patients to see in the office. I arrived home after 6 and ate with the family and had no intention of shooting the moonrise despite a nice invite from Mark to meet him at the Barnacle. For those who don't follow him, Mark moved with his family to Marblehead in the past year (from Swampscott and New York before that). [...]

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Top 10 of 2020 – #8 – Halloween Blue Moon

I'm a sucker for a nice moonrise and, when everything comes together as on Halloween 2020, these images tend to become instant favorites. I headed out to Crocker Park on October 31st at just before 6pm and wasn't sure if there was haze at the horizon that might block my view of the moon. As it turned out, the blue moon shone bright as it cleared Childrens Island.   The 400mm lens helped create a sense of closeness between the boats, Marblehead Light and the moon as it rose. For the simplicity of watching the moon rise over Marblehead harbor, this [...]

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Naumkeag Moon

What a great outing to cap an awesome weekend! I had my annual Thanksgiving week sale and sold 100 calendars, a dozen books and about two dozen prints - thank you everyone! [sale still going on today so click the link or my profile to visit my site and save 25% off everything] Today was a day to catch up on the last of the orders and, after doing so, I headed out to see if I might be able to capture the nearly full beaver moon rising. I decided to head out to Allerton Place and the Dolphin Yacht [...]

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Halloween Blue Moon

And this was the view of the Halloween blue moon rising over Children's Island on October 31. I arrived at Crocker Park more interested in trying something new with focus stacking using a small pumpkin but, once the full moon appeared, I found myself in awe of the sight. There was something about this moment with the moon not yet cleared of Children's that made me immediately mark it as a favorite. The two boats moored in the harbor helped with a foreground element and broke up the otherwise empty harbor. I ended up with multiple outings between October 29 [...]

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