Redd’s pond

Snowfall on Redd’s Pond

I was away last week and so did not share any images as I might have lost a few of you with photos of sunrises, sunsets and rainbows on a warm island beach... And that is a perfect segue to today's image of Redd's captured during the snowfall on February 13th.  I shot four very different compositions from this one spot and liked this one the best. I love that the picnic table has a nearly identical red color as that of the house named Pond View across the way and that is the only color to be seen in [...]

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Perfect Mirror at Redds

On January 16th, rain fell after days of arctic cold and so, on the 17th, I headed over to Redd's Pond curious what the fallen rain had done to the frozen pond. As luck would have it, the effect was a perfect mirror unmarred by skates or snow. I don't think I've ever seen such a perfect mirror here before.

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Quick Freeze at Redd’s Pond

On Saturday, January 8th, I stopped at Redd's Pond just before sunset wondering if the recent freeze had frozen the pond for the first time this winter. I was thrilled to find smooth ice without any snow on the surface but plenty to be found in and around Pond View to set the scene. With sunset light reflecting off the red house, the ice served to pick up the golden light and diffuse it.  Unfortunately, the ice didn't last long and had broken up by the next day. With temps set to hit single digits, I'm sure another freeze is [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #4 – Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Though the site is called Wednesday in Marblehead, I more often than not shoot on other days of the week. However, this is the second top 10 image in a row captured on a Wednesday - this time October 20th. This was a busy day with a dawn moonset shoot, a stop at Eat Well Kitchen to discuss putting up prints for the month of December (they are still up though several have sold) then a trip to Brown's Island for an unexpectedly great sunset and, finally, a chance check at Redd's to capture the light of the moon. I [...]

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Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Today was a great Wednesday in Marblehead! Started off at dawn shooting the full moon setting and getting lucky with anti-crepuscular rays at sunrise. I thought I would share that shot tonight or tomorrow but then decided to head out to shoot the moonrise. In between, I was invited to Eat Well Kitchen and learned they want to showcase my photography for the month of November!  Going to put up prints next Wednesday (stop by and say hi) and then will be there for a Pop Up on December 4th with books and calendars - Save the Date! So I [...]

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The Long View at Redds Pond

It's easy to stop at the entrance to Redds Pond and take a shot across the water at the facade of Pond View squared up against the water. It's so easy that I often forget about the long view that can be seen just a quick stroll down the path as in this image from July 21, 2014. From a slightly different location, the view of the house and its place on the pond seems drastically altered. I'll have to remember to walk down this path again sometime soon...

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The New Normal

This was the scene I alluded to in yesterday's post. When I arrived at Redd's on Sunday, I was pleased to see so many people taking the selfless precaution of wearing masks while enjoying a warm May day in Marblehead. I couldn't help but grab a few shots of what appears to be the New Normal in town and across much of the world as we await an increasingly likely chance for a vaccine in the fall/winter. *Note: the telephoto lens again compressed the image making it appear that people were far more crowded than they actually were.

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Sunday Sail

On Saturday, I received a new lens that I had been anticipating for months. It's primary role will actually be to help me capture shots of my kids but it will definitely serve double-duty as a landscape lens. With a new lens in hand, I decided that I had to venture out on Sunday to put it through its paces and see what it was capable of. I started off at the State Street Landing shooting across the harbor and happened upon a kid fishing off the dock. I shot a few images of him with the backdrop of Marblehead [...]

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Fogged in at Redds

May just might be the foggiest month in Marblehead as a trip through the 'to be posted' archive had me deciding between several images of fog for today's post. This image comes from an outing on May 29, 2015 and the perfect view of the house across the pond surrounded by trees filled with foliage of various colors. A nice bright counter to the grey fog hanging over the water and overhead.

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