This might be a first – my top 2 images were taken within 24 hours of each other. This sunrise was captured on the morning of April 15 and my #1 favorite of the year was taken at sunset the night before. At this point in the year, I hadn’t shot a sunrise in over 3 months (which seems weird now as I have been capturing images of the dawn for the past few weeks). I decided to head to the end of Doak’s Lane on this particular morning as the low tide and predicted location of the rising sun seemed perfectly suited to a capture of Gerry Island. As luck would have it, some high clouds moved into place just as the sun crossed the horizon and lit them in pink-purple light. The small waves meeting the low tide land bridge added just enough of a break in the otherwise still water reflecting the golden sunlight.

For the simple beauty of a sunrise and all the added elements coming together perfectly in this one moment, ‘Remembering the Sunrise’ is my 2nd favorite image of 2021.