Sliver of Sunrise

Last week, I awoke before dawn to capture the full Harvest moon setting and, as luck would have it, had 10 minutes to reach my next destination before the sun rose. I ended up at the State Street Landing where I was able to set up with my longest lens for the composition. As soon as I saw that sliver of sunrise, a smile spread across my face. I continued to shoot and adjust the composition as the full circle of the sun became clear with a red haze from recent wildfires out west. I shared the shot of the [...]

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The Sun Also Rises

I haven't been out to shoot a sunrise in what feels like forever and had actually woken at 5:15am on Saturday morning to shoot in the opposite direction to capture the full Harvest moon setting (that shot came out great - posting Monday morning). After shooting the moon from Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted the haze where the sun was due to rise and realized I had 10 minutes to find a new spot. I drove across the causeway at the the State Street Landing from where I found this composition with boats filling their moorings on a mid-September morning [...]

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Carnival Sunrise

After ten years of shooting the annual Marblehead Carnival at Devereux Beach, I thought I had exhausted all compositions. With that and the grey skies (though no rain!) I had about given up on any new shots of this year's carnival. However, when I drive by Devereux the other day, I noticed the ferris wheel had moved to a new spot and had an idea in mind - I just needed some sun and for the wind to die down... This morning at 6:30, conditions fell into place. I drove down to the beach and launched my drone (hadn't used [...]

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Morning Light

This image was captured 20 minutes after Monday's wider shot. The dawn colors had disappeared as clouds thickened but then a band of orange light formed behind Chandler Hovey Park. I had two cameras at the ready and swapped the one with a wider lens to this one with my longest zoom. I extended the zoom almost to its limit to keep focus on the park and lighthouse with the small band of great light forming a backdrop.

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Arctic Sunrise over Tinkers Island

What a morning - and I thought it was cold on Tuesday... So on Tuesday the 11th, I had gone out before work to capture sea smoke and found just a hint of it to be found from along Front Street. With this morning's projected temperatures to be even lower, I thought I had a better chance despite the predictions for high winds. This time I headed for Devereux Beach knowing that the sun would rise over Tinker's Island and serve to backlight the rising steam from the Atlantic ocean. I arrived at 7am and dound some really nice sea [...]

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Hint of Smoke at Cormorant Rock

On January 11, Marblehead was predicted to see temperatures in the single digits and so I made sure to head to Front Street in the hopes of capturing some sea smoke. While temperature is a key factor in seeing mist rising from the relatively warm ocean water, wind is another key element. On this morning, the wind was strong which greatly diminished the presence of smoke. I found the highest amounts around Cormorant Rock and waited until the sun rose above the cloud/fog bank to light up the smoke. With the green channel marker bobbing in the water, I timed [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #2 – Remembering the Sunrise

This might be a first - my top 2 images were taken within 24 hours of each other. This sunrise was captured on the morning of April 15 and my #1 favorite of the year was taken at sunset the night before. At this point in the year, I hadn't shot a sunrise in over 3 months (which seems weird now as I have been capturing images of the dawn for the past few weeks). I decided to head to the end of Doak's Lane on this particular morning as the low tide and predicted location of the rising sun [...]

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Winter Sunrise, Devereux Beach

This is likely going to be my last new image shared in 2021 as I start my Top 10 Countdown on Monday morning. Taken 10 minutes after the red dawn behind Tinker's Island and with a very fast lens change, I waited for just the right amount of swash (had to look up the technical term for the 'turbulent layer of water that washes up on the beach after an incoming wave has broken').  The sky had moved from red to a mix of purple and gold and yet the sun never did make an appearance due to the thick [...]

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Morning Light – part 1

And this is how the morning light began on a Wednesday in mid-December... I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had missed the sunrise on Monday and Tuesday of this week so made a point of heading out on Wednesday just in case. I decided to shoot from Front Street and was thrilled to find broken cloud cover overhead. I waited from the break of dawn to this point at 6:53am when the angle of sunlight reflected off the clouds above painting them in shades of red. I left just after the peak of light and drove across the causeway [...]

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Morning Light – part 2

This was my second view of sunrise this morning (and no, you did not miss part 1 - I'll share that tomorrow)... I had missed the incredible sunrise on Monday morning and the other really nice one on Tuesday and made sure not to miss the possibility of a decent one on this Wednesday in Marblehead. I started off on Front Street shooting toward Marblehead Light with some nice clouds overhead but left there before the sun rose as I had a hunch about the light in the other direction. I drove to Devereux and pulled over in the parking [...]

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