The Sun Also Rises

I warned you that I came away with 12 keepers from the incredible dawn on Saturday morning. Here are the next 4 in the series. These images capture the full spectrum from the first light at 5:11am to the sunrise at 5:38am. During that time, I shot from various spots along the stairs at Crocker Park leading to the float (which should be installed in a few more weeks).   I couldn't have asked for better light on this early spring morning as the colors helped me with a wide range of compositions. I hope you agree this image of [...]

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Smoke-Filled Sunrise

What an incredible morning! So all week as predictions for a brutal cold snap kept coming in, I considered my options when it came to capturing sea smoke. This is by far my favorite scene to capture as it is one I have only seen in Marblehead (having been raised on the West coast). As a last minute surprise, my daughter told me that she wanted to join so, alarms set, we had a plan!   Woke at 6am and checked the outdoor temperature: -10F. We headed to Fort Beach where I was thrilled to see my work partner had [...]

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The Sun Also Rises

One of the more incredible dawns I have experienced took shape over Marblehead on Thursday, January 19 and I finally was able to get the 150 captures down to 7 keepers to process and share. As I did before, I'm going to share them as a group on social media and daily on my website. now the real dilemma - is January best represented by snow or one of these captures with unbelievable light??? A bit of backstory, I received an email a few months ago inviting me to shoot from the highest spot at Peach's Point. I was thrilled [...]

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Round Old Town House

Another image from the To Be Posted archive focusing on more snow-filled winters. This aerial sunrise shot comes from the morning of January 8, 2017. I had been exploring downtown and shot towards Abbot Hall and the harbor before trying to find unique aerial shots such as this near top-down view over Old Town House. I liked how the black asphalt encircled Old Town House while the rays of golden light could be seen making their way up State Street and highlight the smoke rising from the chimney. It's shots like this that make me want to dig that old [...]

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Boat One on New Year’s Eve

I woke up this morning earlier than I expected and immediately checked the weather and cloud predictions to see if I might make up for the last few missed sunrises. All looked promising so I drove out to the State Street Landing and set up for what turned out to be a decent sunrise. I had a tough time finding a focal point as there are no boats in this part of the harbor but discovered the Harbormaster's Boat One with its bright colors perfectly suited the scene. Happy New Year everyone!  See you tomorrow at 7am for the New [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #1 Arctic Sunrise over Tinkers Island

Maybe one other first in a top 10 list - the top two entries both feature the same subject; Tinker's Island. As soon as I saw this scene and clicked the shutter, I knew it would end up being one of my favorites of the year. Captured on an arctic morning on January 15th, I had made my way to Devereux Beach hoping for a bit of sea smoke. Rather than shoot towards Marblehead Light, I thought this view would be more interesting. It truly was arctic this morning and I kept dashing back to the car as the sun [...]

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Morning Flight

I haven't shared a new image in a while so I dove into the To Be Posted archive and looked for images captured in the month of December. This one was taken on the morning of December 1, 2019 on a morning that started with an incredible purple dawn. I shared that image as soon as I arrived home but had taken a few more before leaving Little Harbor. This one required some quick adjustments as I spotted movement and had to get the shutter speed fast enough to capture birds on their early morning flight buzzing the calm waters [...]

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Sliver of Sunrise

Last week, I awoke before dawn to capture the full Harvest moon setting and, as luck would have it, had 10 minutes to reach my next destination before the sun rose. I ended up at the State Street Landing where I was able to set up with my longest lens for the composition. As soon as I saw that sliver of sunrise, a smile spread across my face. I continued to shoot and adjust the composition as the full circle of the sun became clear with a red haze from recent wildfires out west. I shared the shot of the [...]

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The Sun Also Rises

I haven't been out to shoot a sunrise in what feels like forever and had actually woken at 5:15am on Saturday morning to shoot in the opposite direction to capture the full Harvest moon setting (that shot came out great - posting Monday morning). After shooting the moon from Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted the haze where the sun was due to rise and realized I had 10 minutes to find a new spot. I drove across the causeway at the the State Street Landing from where I found this composition with boats filling their moorings on a mid-September morning [...]

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Carnival Sunrise

After ten years of shooting the annual Marblehead Carnival at Devereux Beach, I thought I had exhausted all compositions. With that and the grey skies (though no rain!) I had about given up on any new shots of this year's carnival. However, when I drive by Devereux the other day, I noticed the ferris wheel had moved to a new spot and had an idea in mind - I just needed some sun and for the wind to die down... This morning at 6:30, conditions fell into place. I drove down to the beach and launched my drone (hadn't used [...]

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