Breaking Waves at Sunrise on New Years Day

Each year on New Years Day, I wake before dawn without an alarm clock and head out to capture the first sunrise of the year. I had missed out on a great sunrise the day before (the last one of 2018) and hoped for a repeat performance. With temperatures in the upper 40's, I figured no matter what the morning brought, it would be nice to be out shooting for the first time since the Christmas moon. I drove down Atlantic Avenue and decided to stop at Devereux Beach. The tide was high (and rising) and I had figured out [...]

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Sunrise on Frozen Pond

This will be the last new image I share in 2018 (I think) as I plan to start my Top 10 of 2018 countdown on Monday.  That will lead up to the annual New Years Day slideshow looking back at all of the images shared on Wednesdays in Marblehead in the past year. Today's image comes from the morning after yesterday's first snow of the season. We ended up getting quite a bit of snow that day and I was surprised to find Redd's Pond to have nearly frozen when I arrived to shoot the sunrise the next morning.  As [...]

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Making Waves at Sunrise

I don't make it up early enough to catch most sunrises in the summer but when I do and when conditions turn out this amazing, I try to make the most of it. Today's image comes from the sunrise that wouldn't end on June 30th. I've shared a number of images from that morning including 'Sunrise Like Gold' that I just finalized as the June image for my 2019 Marblehead Calendar (going to press this week). After shooting several frames, a passing boat's wake created subtle waves that helped accentuate the reflections of light in Marblehead Harbor.

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Never-ending Sunrise

I thought I would take a break from the drone shots and revise the never-ending sunrise that took place at the end of June. This is the third image captured from Hammond park on the morning of June 30th and I'm amazed when I look back at how different each shot is with a slight change in focal length and a drastic change in cloud cover and color. The sunrise on this morning lasted about 15 minutes which is really an incredibly long period from that first light of dawn painting the clouds overhead to the first peak of the [...]

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Blue Sky and the Painted Sunrise

I've only shared one image from this sunrise that took place on June 30th but the sky went through so many shades of color that I was left with many more in my 'to be published' folder. This was one of the first shots I took from the float at the end of Commercial Street. I started to shoot as the first light of dawn created what looked like a painted sunrise that reflected perfectly in the still waters of Marblehead Harbor. I decided to compose the image to include a boat docked nearby and only later saw the name [...]

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A Sunrise Like Gold

Friday night, I set the alarm for 4:30am after checking a few sources and realizing I had a 50-50 chance of a solid sunrise. I woke with the alarm and really, really did not want to get out of bed. When I finally did, I cursed ridiculousness of these early Summer sunrises and dutifully got in the car. As I drove, I saw the first hint of light overhead and quickly decided on Hammond Park as my destination. I arrived just as the sky began to explode in shades of pink and purple and headed down to the float to [...]

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Streaks of Light to Start the Day

I was busy this weekend revamping my website and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the All Photos and Best Of sections. Each gallery should open quickly and every image now offers print options (vs the prior convoluted format). As the rebuild took several hours on each day, I haven't had a chance to shoot new images and thus went to the To Be Published archive for this sunrise shot from late April. From the start of dawn at 5:33am until the sun rose at 5:52am, I came away with 14 image that differed in their composition and light. This [...]

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Dawn of a Spring Day

I can't remember the last time I went out to capture the sunrise and this spring has not been very welcoming to early morning outings. This morning, everything seemed to fall into place and I decided to head out early to capture the dawn of a spring day. As I drove towards downtown, the sky showed its earliest hints of color. I arrived at the Landing and saw the light had built up further with plenty of time to go before sunrise.  I started off shooting from shore but then made my way to one of the floats already out [...]

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First Light on Washington Street

The blizzard conveniently ended on a Wednesday and I set an alarm to capture first light on Washington Street covered in snow. I knew from my house that the snow would like have stuck to the branches of trees and sides of houses and was not disappointed to find this scene of historic downtown laid out before me. I passed this spot earlier as I started off flying my drone up to Abbot Hall for an image of the clock face caked in snow. After landing, I decided to walk up State Street and across Washington Street to find equally [...]

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Dusting of Snow on Browns Island

As snow is due to fall tonight from the latest Nor'Easter, I thought I would share one of the images I captured this winter while I took a hiatus from the site (but kept exploring this beautiful town). Today's image of Brown's Island and sunrise reflected in the still waters of Fisherman's Beach comes from December 10th. I had gone out the day before when snow began to fall and captured my favorite image of 2017 - 'Christmas at Sea'.  With more snow having fallen overnight, I returned to Barnegat and Little Harbor the next morning to capture more images [...]

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