I made a point of seeking out the Bowen House in 2015 as there is a beautiful cherry blossom out front and later learned two interesting things about it. It is one of only fifteen homes in Marblehead that were built before 1700 and still stand today. Also, it has been tied to the H.P. Lovecraft story ‘The Festival’.

That spring morning was very far removed from the scene I saw as I was coming down Mugford Street this past weekend. Freshly fallen snow had made the roads and sidewalks a bit treacherous and I was taking turns staring at my foot and looking up in search of new compositions. I had never shot this one before and the deep blue of the Bowen House seemed a nice contrast to the white snow and to the bright yellow of Old Town House behind it.

I’m going to include a quote from H.P. Lovecraft that seems well suited – ‘As for The Festival…it formed a sincere attempt to capture the feeling that Marblehead gave me when I saw it for the first time – at sunset under the snow, Dec 17, 1922’