Bus Stop

From the Rooftops – Old Town House

In the middle of September, I visited Old Town House and the GAR museum.  It was a particularly warm day and they had the back door opened to bring in what breeze might come.  I asked if I could peak out the back and found this scene before me.  It was almost noon yet the sun was at a bit of an angle allowing for the great shadow and reflect light off the windows.  This vantage point offers a great view of The Bus Stop and its next door neighbor (which is further reflected in the near window).  These moments [...]

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Keep it Local – The Bus Stop

It's hard to believe that the Bus Stop has been open and clothing the citizens of Marblehead since 1975.  I had just finished running an errand in town and noted that the flowers encircling the entrance had reached full bloom.  Ironically, I had to wait 15 minutes for the bus to come and pick up two people waiting out front.  It just so happened that the sun decided to peak through the clouds just as the bus pulled away revealing the store and its waving flag.

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