Bathing in the Light

Only a few minutes after capturing yesterday's image, a golden retriever came onto Riverhead Beach with its owner in tow.  He (or she) walked without hesitation to the water's edge and into the very cold water of the harbor.  As the golden retriever passed under the light of the slowly setting sun, I captured this frame featuring the dog quite literally bathing in the light of the sun with the lamp posts of the causeway above. I hope the owner doesn't mind that I took a bit of creative license in cloning her out of the final image.  I thought [...]

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Lone Dog on Devereux Beach

This seemed like a good image to end the week on with a lone dog on Devereux Beach.  I captured this on November 23rd when I had headed to the top of the causeway to photograph the sunset as it took shape over Devereux Beach. I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the warmish weather and I managed to capture this dog in my frame before his owners were able to catch up to him giving the impression of a lone dog on the beach at sunset.

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