Devereux Beach

Top 10 of 2022 – #5 Golden Rainbow

So this is the image I was alluding to on Friday and one that still seems fake to me even though it really did look like this at Devereux Beach on the night of June 27th. I had driven here in the hopes of capturing a rainbow as a summer storm passed over Marblehead and, sure enough, a rainbow did form. That light though was completely unexpected and I kept working on this image to turn down the saturation while keeping the image faithful to the awesome light that a few of us were lucky to witness that night. For [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #6 Feast for the Eyes at the Neck Run Cafe

Some sunsets have to be seen to be believed and this image serves as the perfect cliffhanger to end the week as it foreshadows the insane shot that made it to #5 on my Top 10 of 2022 list. On June 27th, a rain storm passed over Marblehead and I raced to Devereux Beach in the hopes of capturing a rainbow. While I could envision a rainbow and maybe some nice color in the sky, what I experienced blew away any preconceived notions. The sky was simply insane that night and I hope some of you were outside to witness [...]

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Feast for the Eyes at the Neck Run Cafe

And now a visit back to that incredible sunset from June 27th. This night started with rainbows over the ocean and then I was greeted to this awesome display as I turned back to the car. I shot one image of the lifeguard chair and then moved over to compose this image of the Neck Run Cafe. My family has been known to make fun of me for some of my cheesier titles so this one is for them - 'Feast for the Eyes at the Neck Run Cafe'.

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Devereux Beach under an Awesome Sky

On Tuesday night, an incredible sunset formed over Marblehead. I had made my way to Devereux Beach and was focused on capturing the rainbow and golden clouds over the Atlantic Ocean but, once those began to fade, turned and saw this scene.  I quickly ran across the sand to compose this shot using the lifeguard chair as the focal point and adjusting my position to place the red chair above the horizon. With the playground in the distance, the beach is instantly recognizable and the sand served to bring added oranges and reds to the otherwise boring ground cover.

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Golden Rainbow

As I drove home from a quick dessert run to Crosby's with my daughter, we argued over whether the sunset might be nice tonight. I thought there was a chance for nice color but wasn't sure and hadn't loaded the car in either case. I happened to be doing a quick favor for a friend and walked out of the house to return her updated camera when I spotted the pink sky and ran back into the house for my gear. I made a quick stop to drop her camera then drove across the causeway only to realize my mistake [...]

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Carnival Sunrise

After ten years of shooting the annual Marblehead Carnival at Devereux Beach, I thought I had exhausted all compositions. With that and the grey skies (though no rain!) I had about given up on any new shots of this year's carnival. However, when I drive by Devereux the other day, I noticed the ferris wheel had moved to a new spot and had an idea in mind - I just needed some sun and for the wind to die down... This morning at 6:30, conditions fell into place. I drove down to the beach and launched my drone (hadn't used [...]

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Winter Sunrise, Devereux Beach

This is likely going to be my last new image shared in 2021 as I start my Top 10 Countdown on Monday morning. Taken 10 minutes after the red dawn behind Tinker's Island and with a very fast lens change, I waited for just the right amount of swash (had to look up the technical term for the 'turbulent layer of water that washes up on the beach after an incoming wave has broken').  The sky had moved from red to a mix of purple and gold and yet the sun never did make an appearance due to the thick [...]

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Beach Weather

We hit 68.5 degrees yesterday, November 9th, and that made me think of the beach and some of those fall/winter visits I have made to capture Devereux in the past. This shot is not from then but a mid-July evening (7:40pm) and perfect skies causing the ocean water to turn that awesome shade of green-blue. You can just make out the very faint rainbow I had chased that night but had to 'settle' for this view of the ocean instead. For anyone who has not bought a Wednesdays in Marblehead book or calendar yet or has wanted to see what [...]

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White Foam and Purple Light

I learned in a post from this same outing back in late July that the proper term for the sea foam that forms at the leading edge of a wave is spume. And yet, I couldn't quite bring myself to call this 'Spume on a Summer Eve'... Enjoy this view of white foam coming ashore on a very calm July evening at Devereux Beach. The sky went through a gamut of colors before finishing off with this purple hue.

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