Green Street

Marblehead Powder House – Built in 1755

It never ceases to amaze me just how much history resides in this small town of ours.  The Marblehead Powder House is a prime example of that.  Situated on Green Street (a fairly busy residential street) and tucked in just a bit from the sidewalk stands this circular brick structure.  The only sign suggesting its history is the date above the door - it reads 'BUILT 1755'. A bit of searching reveals that the Powder House was built on what was then called Ferry Road to serve as storage for muskets and ammunition.  It did so during the French and [...]

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Keep it Local – The Little Store

It's Friday which means another photo of a local business.  This time, The Little Store is featured.  This small sub shop has been open for over 20 years.  It's open 7 days per week and is an iconic storefront that can be found on Green Street.

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