Marblehead Powder House – Built in 1755

It never ceases to amaze me just how much history resides in this small town of ours.  The Marblehead Powder House is a prime example of that.  Situated on Green Street (a fairly busy residential street) and tucked in just a bit from the sidewalk stands this circular brick structure.  The only sign suggesting its history is the date above the door - it reads 'BUILT 1755'. A bit of searching reveals that the Powder House was built on what was then called Ferry Road to serve as storage for muskets and ammunition.  It did so during the French and [...]

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The Gun House of Marblehead

The Gun House of Marblehead was, as the sign proclaims, built in 1810 and was meant for storing artillery.  I happened to drive by it on Elm Street one day in early November of last year. The sun was still relatively high in the sky at almost 3pm and lit up the tree behind it in a beautiful yellow glow.  I decided to capture the old brick house and later learned the doors were slated for replacement.  I haven't been back yet to see if the new doors changed the building's appearance.

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Marblehead from the Water

This is the last shot from our brief sail out of the Marblehead harbor.  I looked back after seeing the boats headed to their races and saw the town laid out in front of me.  I managed to get the entirety of the Neck with its lighthouse, the harbor filled with boats, and the mainland with Abbot standing tall.  I like this perspective of our town on a warm Summer day.

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The Steinway and the Mansion

Ever since I sat in this room with my daughter watching a ballet recital, I've wanted to come back and capture the beauty of this scene.  The beautiful Steinway & Sons piano stands on a polished hard wood floor with a view of Hooper Street and old town through the three windows above.  The brass machinery of the piano is seen as a reflection on the opened lid.  Below you can see the rest of the ballroom with its classic chandelier in the center of the room.

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The Green Room and the Wine Cellar

The King Hooper Mansion dates back to the early 1700's and has been meticulously cared for throughout the nearly 300 years of its existence.  It is now the home to the Marblehead Arts Association and the rooms are used to show member artists' works.  The photo above depicts how the wine cellar would have looked sometime in the 1700's with the window looking out toward the well cared for garden.  Below is one of the rooms on the second floor.  I was fortunate to have the chance to shoot it between showings and, therefore, bring out the beauty in the [...]

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Island in the Fog – The Reshoot

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's post both here and on Facebook.  While this began as a personal project to 'shoot the town', I am thrilled that these images have made an impression on you.  The vote tally clearly favored the 'no boat' crowd and, as luck would have it, we still had plenty of fog to work with.  I shot the above while waiting for the tall ship Lynx (that photo next week).  Used a filter to block the light so that the image above results from five shots at 25 seconds each.  No boats to remove [...]

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Island in the Fog

With Gerry Island in the news recently [Reporter Patch], it seemed an appropriate time to post this shot taken a few weeks ago.  I had wanted to return to Fort Sewall and shoot this image of Gerry Island for a while but was struggling with getting the mood just right.  The way the fog rolled in and blanketed the island on this day seemed just about perfect.  The island is layed out in this 4-shot panorama without a distracting background and seems to exist in its own world.  With the four images used to make this one photo, the detail [...]

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Spring Comes to Marblehead

Having lived in DC for some time, Spring and cherry blossoms will forever go hand-in-hand.  It was with that in mind that I sought cherry blossoms throughout Marblehead over the past week.  I was fortunate to find the tree above at peak bloom while walking down Washington Street on a foggy day. Below are shots taken under better conditions featuring more cherry blossoms with Abbot Hall and the Lee Mansion as backdrops.

Before These Crowded Streets – Old Town House

Only one week left until the overnight parking ban is lifted and the parked cars return.  I'm convinced a photographer came up with the ban that extends from the end-of-Fall until early-Spring!  It's a wonder to walk these streets in the early morning hours and explore them before the town stirs.  On this morning, I walked the length of Washington street to the Old North Church and wandered up and down State and Pleasant streets.  Here are the first two images of Old Town House from that walk.  The morning light was absolutely perfect on this particular day and turned [...]

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The Crank Room and Abbot’s Bell

In the eight months since this blog began, I have had a number of unique photo opportunities.  The Thursday I went up with 'the cranks' is right up near the top of those experiences.  We met in the lobby of Abbot hall and headed up an elevator then a set of ladders to the crank room.  Abbot's clock and bell are driven by two large, heavy counterweights that need to be raised once weekly in order to keep time.  It is the job of the cranks to rotate two wheels on this machine that serves to slowly raise those weights. [...]

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