The Menorah at Marblehead Savings Bank

I had been on the lookout for an outdoor menorah to photograph in town but a drive by Temple Emanu-El, the JCC, Sinai and Hillel came up empty.  I turned to the All Marblehead page and received the hint about Marblehead Savings Bank from Lisa Indelicato (another photographer in town).  So on the eighth night of Hanukkah, I headed out to photograph it fully lit.  I arrived at the bank a bit early but watched as the sun started its decent toward the horizon.  I realized that it might dip at just the right angle for a sun star and [...]

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From the Rooftops – the Cupola of Old North Church

I hope you are not tiring of these rooftop views courtesy of the Old North Church.  I had such an incredible time that morning and get to relive it each time I share another image from that adventure.  When Rhod and I first ventured up before sunrise, we went straight to the cupola and found that the windows had frosted overnight.  This was almost the end to our outing but Rhod managed a MacGyver-esque save that got us an even better view. While he worked with a flashlight and scissors a floor below, I got to work shooting the interior [...]

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From the Rooftops – Washington Street and the Lighthouse

As many of you know, I was fortunate to start the new year perched near the top of the Old North Church shooting the first sun rise of the year.  As excited as I was to capture a sunrise from this vantage point, I was even more excited for a fresh crop of 'from the rooftops' images.  I consider this one of the trifecta of ultimate rooftops on my list (the others being Marblehead Lighthouse and the very top of Abbot Tower). After capturing the sun rising above the neck, I turned my attention to the beauty of Washington street [...]

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From the Rooftops – Looking up Washington Street

I have had my eye on a particular rooftop since before this project began.  It belongs to the apartment on 128 Washington Street and I had tried to contact the tenants there on a few occasions to see about shooting from this vantage point.  I had nearly given up until I walked into Shipshape one day and was informed by the owner that the apartment was currently vacant.  I quickly phoned Gerald Kaplan who was renting the space and we arranged to meet near sunset. The view, as you can see, was clearly worth the wait.  I spent an hour [...]

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Keep it Local – Shipshape

It's Friday so it is time to showcase another local business.  Today it's Shipshape's turn.  This is a wonderful store on Washington Street specializing in nautical items and carrying local artisans work.  Visit their website to see a small sample of what's available or, better yet, walk down Washington Street and see for yourself.

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The Fire Station

Ever since I first started this project, I had this image in mind.  Trouble was, I could never seem to get the right conditions for this shot.  Either the light was wrong or one of the trucks was out or the bay doors weren't all open.  On a particularly hot Summer day, I drove by and almost couldn't believe my luck.  I quickly parked and setup in front of the station.  The hardest part was waiting for a break in traffic (the passing cars were reflected in the shiny chrome) and standing there while an unbelievable number of cars pulled [...]

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Keep it Local – French + Italian

Another Friday and another local business to feature on the site.  This time it's the upscale women's clothier French + Italian.  I took this photo on an early morning during the Winter parking ban in order to make sure that no cars would hide the beautiful facade of this store and building.  There was so much to take in about this store.  From the clapboard siding, the complementary colors of the two doors, the lightpost, and the morning sun lighting the top of the building, this was a wonderfully intricate scene to capture.  Next time you're on Washington Street, make [...]

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A Tug Named Erica

After shooting the sunset over Gerry Island, I made my way by the dry-dock area off Doaks Lane.  I saw this great red tug boat standing there and knew I had to shoot her.  I could make out the name Erica N on the side but could not find any information about the boat.  If anyone knows her history, please let me know in the comments section below.

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Keep it Local – Hand in Hand Massage

Fridays feature local businesses and today's entry is Hand in Hand massage.  Blane and Monique have been in practice as massage therapists for over 20 years.  Three years ago, they moved to this historic location on beautiful State Street.  I was fortunate to have a postcard-perfect sunrise when I took this image.  Both therapists are incredibly good at what they do which I was reminded of just this past weekend when I received a chair massage at the Rotary Great Race.  Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with them soon. The house's fascinating history is written on the [...]

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