Top 10 of 2018 – #2 A Right Whale comes to Marblehead

In April, a pod of right whales visited Marblehead and residents were treated to the sight of whales off Devereux Beach and the Neck for days on end. I remember being at my son's baseball game when I received a call about a right whale off the coast of the Neck. As luck would have it, I had brought my drone and longest lens with me and drove straight to the Neck. When I arrived on Ocean Avenue, I found the whale too far offshore and quickly launched the drone. I found her easily and shot some images and video [...]

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A Right Whale comes to Marblehead

On Saturday, I was attending my son's baseball game when I got a call from a number in Lynn I did not recognize. I answered and discovered it was someone I had interacted with before about images on my Wednesdays in Marblehead site calling to inform me there was a whale just off the causeway hanging out in the Atlantic Ocean. Figuring the 12 year old was 'stuck' at Gatchells for another hour, I quickly jumped in the car and drove across the causeway to Ocean Avenue. I arrived to find a few folks who had been watching the whale [...]

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