Diving for Rainbows

I mentioned yesterday that I have not shot many (if any) storms this summer and ended up revisiting images taken back in August of 2015 to find an unshared shot of lightning. While in that folder, I found this image of a rainbow forming over Marblehead Harbor. I couldn't remember the specifics of this outing on August 4th, 2015 so I jumped into the folder where I keep my images and discovered I had taken 20 images between 3pm and 8:20pm on this day ranging from dark clouds over Marblehead Light to lightning near Abbot to rainbows over the harbor [...]

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Pink Rainbow and the Chestnut Tree

On May 23rd, I visited Crocker Park in the hopes of finding a new composition for the chestnut tree that had reached full bloom. As luck would have it, a storm passed over the park just before sunset and led to this pink rainbow forming over Marblehead Neck. I had shared a shot of the rainbow over the harbor the night I captured the image. Within a minute of taking that image, I had scrambled to this spot from which I could compose an image including the chestnut tree and its blossoms fighting for the viewer's eye with the unique [...]

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Rainbow Watching at Crocker Park

Well that was unexpected! I had gone by Crocker Park earlier today to check out the chestnut tree and made plans to return before sunset. I arrived with an hour to spare and hung out at the park watching the sky darken. I checked my radar app and saw that a rapidly moving storm was heading our way. I waited out the rain under the gazebo and quickly adjusted my plan. I put a circular polarizer on the lens and crossed my fingers that the sun would pop out before the rain passed to create a rainbow.  At 7:52pm, a [...]

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Castle Rock at the End of the Rainbow

I have more fireworks and harbor illumination images to share but I thought this was a perfect shot to end the week with.  On June 27, Marblehead was hit by two lightning storms and as, one passed and another approached, the sky cleared to allow sunlight and the inevitable rainbow. I was parked at Chandler Hovey Park and was fixated on flying my drone to catch a rainbow.  As the drone cannot be flown in wet conditions, I was waiting for the drizzle to stop and didn't think of using the real camera beside me until my wife texted me [...]

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Chasing Rainbows in Marblehead

Yesterday, I had an interview with Mary Reines of the Marblehead Reporter for an upcoming story and I she asked what it meant to me that so many people seem to count on my capturing 'the shot'.  I answered that it is incredibly flattering and used the example of rainbows.  It seems that any time a rainbow forms in Marblehead, my wife's phone will start blowing up with incoming texts alerting her (and me) that a rainbow was formed and that I should head out to capture it.  Today's image reminded me of that feeling and I thought it fitting [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #3 – Rainbow Lightning at Preston Beach

In any other year, I have to believe that rainbow lighting (you can make out the lightning bolt crossing in front of the rainbow) on a pink sky at Preston Beach would have taken the #1 spot.  As it is, the perfect timing in this capture ends up at a still respectable #3 spot.  I went out on July 23rd as the thunderstorm passed Marblehead in the hopes of capturing a few bolts from Preston Beach.  I never expected the clouds to break behind me and create a vibrant pink sunset let alone for a rainbow to form from the [...]

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Rainbow Lightning at Preston Beach

I just got home and can't believe what I'm looking at - rainbow lightning at Preston beach!  A bit of background on tonight's shot - I had gone out when the first storm passed just to the south of Marblehead around 6pm and was disappointed with the lack of lightning and that no rainbow appeared in its wake.  I returned home only to make a quick run to Vesuvius for dinner and thought I had settled in at home for the night. Without warning, torrential rain fell and I immediately pulled up my radar app to find an incredibly strong [...]

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Chasing Rainbows and Storm Clouds

We have had an incredibly dry Summer in Marblehead which has translated into very few opportunities for chasing rainbows.  I have only had once chance thus far when a storm cloud passed through town (conveniently on a Wednesday evening) and I ran out of the house to the nearest vantage point. I arrived at the edge of Bass Rocks Lane as the light began to fade and had only seconds to capture this view of a rainbow, storm clouds and the white haze of falling rain over the ocean and Tinkers Island.  I'm hoping for a few more chances to chase rainbows [...]

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Rainbows and Rain Clouds

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that I can't wait for warm days and the long Summer sunsets that accompany them.  The other fun part of Summer can be found with passing storms and chasing down rainbows.  For some reason, 2015 offered a nearly endless supply of rainbows and they seemed to occur at the perfect time in relation to work and family responsibilities. This particular rainbow formed on a Friday night in July.  As soon as I arrived at home, I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to the nearest location - Bass Rock Lane.  From there I was [...]

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A Rainbow over Ram’s Island

Last week, I shared an image of the incredible rain cloud that formed over Marblehead Neck on July 24, 2015.  This image of a rainbow over Ram's Island was taken 2 hours earlier as the combination of rain and breaking sunlight served to create the beautiful sight. I ended up capturing this particular rainbow at 5:15pm as we headed out to dinner not realizing that I would have a chance to capture another rainbow from Lafayette Street at 7:30pm as we returned home.  I ended up chasing that rainbow to Front Street and was treated to the rest of the [...]

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