Rainbow in the Harbor

When the first few drops of rain fell this afternoon, I wasted no time in packing up my gear and heading out the door. I had missed an incredible rainbow a few weeks ago and wasn't going to let that happen again. I drove towards the State Street Landing and lucked out with a parking spot. Then it was a matter of waiting for the sun to poke through and figure out angles. I started off near the Marblehead Harbormaster office but quickly made my way back to the Landing and down to the water's edge to capture this rainbow [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #5 Golden Rainbow

So this is the image I was alluding to on Friday and one that still seems fake to me even though it really did look like this at Devereux Beach on the night of June 27th. I had driven here in the hopes of capturing a rainbow as a summer storm passed over Marblehead and, sure enough, a rainbow did form. That light though was completely unexpected and I kept working on this image to turn down the saturation while keeping the image faithful to the awesome light that a few of us were lucky to witness that night. For [...]

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Light Under the Rainbow

We started Saturday July 2nd with some rain and then had thunderstorms threaten but ended up veering to the south of us. I had gone out at 6pm hoping to capture some lightning but watches as the cells fell apart on radar. However, as rain formed and looked like it might clip Marblehead, I decided to head out once more - this time to Front Street. I arrived and could see rain in the distance behind Marblehead Light and the sun had appeared but there was no rainbow to be found. I waited and another shower hit after which I [...]

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Golden Rainbow

As I drove home from a quick dessert run to Crosby's with my daughter, we argued over whether the sunset might be nice tonight. I thought there was a chance for nice color but wasn't sure and hadn't loaded the car in either case. I happened to be doing a quick favor for a friend and walked out of the house to return her updated camera when I spotted the pink sky and ran back into the house for my gear. I made a quick stop to drop her camera then drove across the causeway only to realize my mistake [...]

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Step to the Rainbow

We have had a few storms pass through Marblehead thus far but none have been times right for me to capture a proper rainbow. With that in mind, I turned to my 'to be published' folder and found this image capture in August 2020 after a storm passed through just before sunset. I had shared the horizontal or landscape version of this shot that night but left this vertical one for a bit. I realized it needed a tighter crop than what I had originally envisioned and that brought the scene together nicely.

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Top 10 of 2021 – #5 – First Rainbow of the Season

On Wednesday, May 12th, I heard rain falling within an hour of sunset and quickly grabbed my gear, hopped in the car and drove. As I headed down Humphrey then Smith and onto Atlantic, I kept looking every which way but couldn’t spot any rainbows. I decided to turn down Commercial Street to the float near Hammond Park and only when I crested the small hill did I spot the brilliant light. I had lucked out with the rainbow appearing near the end of the causeway where it met the Neck. I jumped out and threw on a circular polarizer [...]

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A Light After the Storm

Yesterday was an awful, terrible, gut punch of a day... I shared a photo of the Marblehead varsity football game that I had shot on Friday night and left at 8am to shoot the JV game. I was excited to capture moments that these kids would hopefully take to heart and love the idea of finding those moments of camaraderie and greatness that seem to only come in the younger years. But then, 10 minutes into the game, an awful leg injury occurred. I literally dropped my camera and headed to the fallen player to see if there was anything [...]

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Still Chasing Those Rainbows

Since I wasn't able to capture a rainbow on my most recent outing, here is one from May 12th that I haven't had the chance to share yet. Between the rainbow and interesting cloud formation, I had ample opportunities to come up with different compositions from my spot at the end of Commercial Street.  Here I brought the camera down to the ground just inches above the water level to accentuate the reflections in the still water and only later noticed the flared end of the rainbow where it met the causeway.

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Rainbow after the Storm

Not even 10 minutes after capturing the bolt of lightning from Fort Beach, the sun broke through the clouds and lit up water vapor to create a beautiful rainbow after the storm. I went with a wider composition to keep the trees at Fort Sewall and the boats at Fort Beach in the frame while managing to catch a nice reflection of the rainbow in the water. The dramatic sky was a nice bonus as was that deep blue sky near Marblehead Light. Make sure you check in Sunday morning for "Nature's Fireworks" that I captured one hour later when [...]

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Rainbow Weather

The restore finally finished after over 200 hours and it appears all images are back safe and sound and a new larger hard drive array.  As a test run, I took a look at some recent images that were in my To Be Published folder and, with the recent rain, instantly gravitated to this one. It seems that spring really does set up perfect conditions for rainbow weather. And yet, all the elements need to come together with just the right break in the clouds at just the right time as on the evening of May 12th when I raced [...]

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