Continuing with yesterday’s house architecture theme, here is one of the most famous houses in Marblehead – the Lafayette House.  You’ll notice the corner that has been ‘cut out’ of the house.  Surprisingly, the real reason for this missing piece is not known.  Theories include:

1. During a visit to Marblehead in 1824, General Lafayette’s carriage could not navigate this turn and the corner was therefore removed.
2. The corner had been removed as part of an entrance for a retail shop.
3. The corner was removed due to the flow of water/sewage.
4. Coal wagons could not pass thus necessitating this  modification to the house.

Regardless of the reason, it stands as a unique and interesting house in town.

*Note: I took creative license with this image including removing the white post that stands at the corner as well as numerous electrical wires that interfered with the view of the house.

*Additional note: Less than half a block away stands Hooper Mansion where I have an individual exhibit hanging during the month of March.  If you decide to check out the Lafayette House in person, come by the mansion afterwards and take a look at some of my prints.