It’s funny how things work… I had gone out to capture the sunset after yesterday’s spring-like weather and was frustrated by the light and lack of ‘new’ compositions. I drove home wondering if, after capturing landscapes of Marblehead for nearly 12 years, I had run out of new angles.

Then I woke up this morning to picture perfect snow falling and drove out with camera in tow and came back an hour later with over 200 shots taken in four different areas and was thrilled to have come home with some new compositions.

This is the first I’ll share from this morning’s exploration of Marblehead. I had parked on Mugford Street as I headed to historic downtown from Redd’s pond and was hoping that no cars would be parked around Old Town House. It turned out there was just one and it was on the backside offering me this clean shot of the brightness of Old Town House’s yellow siding against the monotone white of the fallen snow. I chose a fast shutter speed to freeze the snowflakes falling on Washington Street and made sure to get an angle in which Abbot Hall could be seen just beyond Arnould Gallery and Mud Puddle Toys in mid-frame.

LOTS more to come including one I’m working on now of State Street with the old King’s Rook and Maddie’s lined up nicely…