Hooper Street

Hooper at Dawn

On an early October morning, I met up with my friend Steve Clay at St. Michael's Church and the two of us successfully ascended to the top of the building's new steeple.  This was my third trip up to this spot overlooking historic downtown Marblehead and I was treated to great colors and a prefect sunrise.  I shared the sunrise view shortly after taking it but haven't had a chance to show any other images yet. During my very first ascent to this spot (on the scaffolding erected at the time), I found this composition of Hooper Street and its [...]

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A Cold Start to a New Year

I mentioned in last week's post that I started off the new year with a shoot from atop St. Michaels new steeple.  One of the first images I took was of the lit star seeming to hang over Marblehead Neck.  However, while I was up there, I couldn't resist recreating my Hooper to the Harbor shot that won Peoples Choice award in this year's festival. For the prior shot, I had been on the scaffolding around the steeple but found much more room to roam on this cold morning.  I moved to this spot which was almost exactly the same [...]

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The Lafayette House on Hooper Street

Continuing with yesterday's house architecture theme, here is one of the most famous houses in Marblehead - the Lafayette House.  You'll notice the corner that has been 'cut out' of the house.  Surprisingly, the real reason for this missing piece is not known.  Theories include: 1. During a visit to Marblehead in 1824, General Lafayette's carriage could not navigate this turn and the corner was therefore removed. 2. The corner had been removed as part of an entrance for a retail shop. 3. The corner was removed due to the flow of water/sewage. 4. Coal wagons could not pass thus necessitating this [...]

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