Two weeks…that’s how long I’ve watched and waited for this tree to get to this, the peak of its color display.  I had noted this great tree before whenever I drove by but started to get the sense that this Fall might prove an especially good one a few weeks ago.  The tree was holding onto its leaves and the color just started to change at the top initially.  Through rain and wind, the leaf drop was minimal and I kept up my scouting trips.  Finally, last week, I decided to make this my first stop on a foliage photoshoot throughout town.

The early morning light added to the incredible color on display.  I decided to use my widest lens to capture the full size of the tree and added a circular polarizer which I used to cut down the reflection and boost the natural color of the leaves.  When I opened this image on my computer, I literally could not believe my eyes.  I tried to actually turn down the saturation level at first (which started at zero) but the image began to look fake.  Believe it or not, the sky really was that blue and the colors really were that incredible on this particular Wednesday morning.

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