I was thrilled with the reception that my image from Hammond Park received early last week and happy to note that many longtime ‘Headers hadn’t visited the park in years but now had made plans to do so.  I hope that as a new resident of this town, I can continue to offer a fresh perspective on familiar or forgotten locations and help residents rediscover the beauty all around.

With Hammond Park on my mind and the Experimental Friday coming up, my mind turned to this image made in March 2011.  I had been exploring the park on this particular day and had my longest lens on the camera.  It occurred to me that I could photograph the lighthouse ‘through the looking glass’ if I could just get everything lined up.  This was much easier said then done.  The scope kept moving and even a fraction of a millimeter would throw my aim off.  I also found it impossible to focus with the camera’s built-in system and had to instead use manual focus and hope that I wasn’t too far off.  The result is this image which has been sitting in the archives for two years.  Seemed fitting to bring it out on this first day of March 2013.