Last week, I shared images of turquoise waters all taken on the prior Wednesday in Marblehead.  I thought I would start this week in a similar way with this image taken last Wednesday at dawn.

I had woken at 5:30am on this particular morning and promptly looked out the window and at the weather radar to try to discern if there were any clouds near the horizon.  I couldn’t tell and decided to bundle up (it was in the 20’s on this early April morning) and head out in hopes of decent clouds and light.  Without much to go on as far as conditions, I made my way to Hammond Park and decided to check the horizon there and then decided on a good location.  As luck would have it, there were some great clouds at the horizon and the park at the end of Commercial Street served as a perfect vantage point.

As the dawn took shape, a subtle purple dawn washed over the clouds at the horizon.  I quickly set up and composed this image including the floating dock in the foreground to break up the otherwise empty harbor.  I ended up taking a number of photos at this location and then headed off to explore a few more spots as the sun rose.  I’ll post those in the days/weeks to come.