Hammond Park


This is my favorite time of year for sunrise shoots. The sun rises at 7:15am usually with mild temperatures and the frequent storms often bring great light.  With yet another storm forecast for Thursday afternoon, I figured conditions were absolutely perfect for a vibrant sunrise. I woke up at a reasonable time, headed to Hammond Park, and found still waters reflecting a whole lot of nothing... The scene was kind of boring with lackluster skies and I kept hoping for some light as the timing of sunset approached. Just as 7:15 rolled around, a working boat decided to head out [...]

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Red Sun Rising

It had been a long time since I had woken up early enough to catch a sunrise but, with a storm coming, I figured odds were in my favor for a decent showing this morning.  I had originally planned to capture the moon setting from Chandler Hovey and turn around for the sunrise when that had finished.  As I drove across the causeway, the moon disappeared behind clouds and I changed my plans. I ended up at Hammond Park where I hadn't shot in ages and found a familiar seen of boats as far as the eye could see.  I [...]

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Lobstering under the Rising Sun

In early May I headed out at dawn in large part to capture the tree in bloom along Washington Street.  As I left the house, I spotted the sun beginning to rise and a brilliant red glow reflecting off the clouds.  I quickly decided on a stop at Hammond Park.  I grabbed the camera (no time for a tripod) and adjust settings as the sun began to disappear into the clouds.  As luck would have it, I caught the September Song heading out of Marblehead harbor on a lobstering expedition under the rising sun.

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Leading into Marblehead Harbor

After I finished capturing the incredible sunrise that took place on Sunday morning, I made my back to the car ready to pack up my gear and head to the next destination.  As I looked back, I saw the colors were building closer to the horizon and decided to try a different composition. I walked to the float at the end of Commercial Street and found this angle from which I could use the small dock as a leading line into Marblehead Harbor.  The tighter composition made Marblehead Light into a stronger element compared to the wider and more expansive [...]

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Spring Sunrise from Hammond Park

With yet another snowstorm predicted to hit Marblehead in the next few days, I decided to head out early on Sunday morning to capture some storefronts for my Keep it Local series.  I checked the forecast the night before and was hoping for the best with the 'partially cloudy' conditions  that were predicted. As I left the house at 5:45am, the first hints of light appeared and I saw some impressive streaks of clouds.  I only hoped that the clouds would hold their shape and be angled correctly when I reached the harbor.  As I drove, I continued to watch [...]

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Calm Morning – Marblehead Harbor in the Blue Hour

On Saturday, February 1st, I woke early so I could drop off my son at the YMCA snowboarding/skiing trip to Nashoba Valley.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I had thrown my camera bag and tripod in the car and, after dropping him off at 6:45am, drove in search of good light. I watched the clouds as I drove and decided to shoot from the overlook at the end of Chestnut Street where it meets Cliff Street but the view wasn't quite what I had in mind.  I quickly jumped back in the car and drove [...]

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Marblehead Harbor in the Blue Hour

On June 12th, I woke early and decided to head down to Hammond Park for sunrise.  I arrived near the end of the blue hour and quickly went about capturing images of Marblehead Harbor filled with boats and the lighthouse with its green light on.  I tried a number of compositions and varied shutter speeds but this image ended up as my favorite. Shortly after this image, there was a pause of 20 minutes during which the rain picked up and I huddled in the car waiting for a sunrise.  It turned out to be worth the wait and 'Four [...]

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Four Minute Sunrise over Marblehead Harbor

I woke at 4am on Wednesday June 12th for no good reason.  Rather than toss and turn, I figured I would take this as a sign to head out and shoot the sunrise.  I quietly made my way out the door and drove (in the rain) to Hammond Park.  We had been having a stretch of rain with June on its way to becoming a top-10 wettest month but I still had some hope that there would be a break in the rain and clouds right at sunrise...the weather app said so at least. I arrived at Hammond Park and [...]

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Purple Dawn Over an Empty Harbor

Last week, I shared images of turquoise waters all taken on the prior Wednesday in Marblehead.  I thought I would start this week in a similar way with this image taken last Wednesday at dawn. I had woken at 5:30am on this particular morning and promptly looked out the window and at the weather radar to try to discern if there were any clouds near the horizon.  I couldn't tell and decided to bundle up (it was in the 20's on this early April morning) and head out in hopes of decent clouds and light.  Without much to go on [...]

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Spring Comes to Hammond Park

Repeat after me 'Two More Months'... I don't know about you but this Winter is feeling very loooong after the weekend snow storm following a blizzard.  There was no way I was posting a snow photo today so I went back to the archive and found this photo taken on April 14, 2012.  You can't beat the view from Hammond Park when the trees start to bloom and a race takes place in the still empty harbor.  This was the first photo I captured when I raced to this spot last April.  I shared another version with a closer view [...]

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