Earlier this week, I put up a number of framed, canvas and metal prints at the Starbucks where they will remain for the month and where I will be during the Marblehead Art Walk on Saturday from 1-4pm.  On my way home, I drove by the median where Lafayette and Humphrey merge into Pleasant Street and noticed the tulips had blossomed.  As I drove by, I also saw that there was a nice composition to be had by shooting the tulips with St. Stephen’s Church as the backdrop and decided to return later in the week.

On Tuesday, the sun was high in the sky and a few wispy clouds broke up the monotonous (but so warm) blue skies and I decided to head over to try this shot.  This was a very simple shot truth be told and I had gotten the image you see above after crossing the street and adjusting the tripod to get the angles just right.  The longest part may have been waiting for the gap in cars with which to shoot this scene.  The only problem was the barren tree in the background but I feared the tulips would have lost their color and a few petals if I waited much longer for that tree to fill.

Hope you enjoy the image and that you can make it to my stop on the Marblehead Art Walk tomorrow.