Star of the Sea

Last week, as I flew my drone to capture images of a baseball game at Seaside Park, I also noted the Star of the Sea church and its lush border of trees.  I had never appreciated from the ground just how many trees cover this area of land along Atlantic Avenue.  From the air, it was hard to ignore the canopy of trees and so I decided to compose this image to highlight the trees as much as the gothic architecture of the Catholic church. You can easily make out Abbot Hall breaking through the horizon and a hint of [...]

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St Andrews Church in Marblehead

In November 2011, I was exploring new locations for capturing foliage and ended up at St Andrews Church on Lafayette Street.  I stopped my bike when I reached this spot and composed an image to capture the bright red sign and tower beyond. I kept meaning to inquire about climbing the tower to explore vantage points but never did.  I'll have to correct that in the near future...

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300 Years Later – A New Steeple for St. Michael’s Church

On Thursday, August 28, a crowd gathered in the historic downtown section of Marblehead to watch as a new steeple was placed atop St. Michael's Church.  The Episcopal church was founded in 1714 and originally had a wooden steeple above the building but decay led to its removal in 1793.  I was disappointed that I would miss the steeple rising that took place on that Thursday but was thrilled when I heard from one of its officers who invited me up the scaffolding for a closer view of the steeple as well as the temporary 'rooftop' view. We met at [...]

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Winter comes to Summer Street

I haven't yet had a chance to photograph the after effects of the 10-12 inches of snow that fell on Wednesday, February 5 but this image was taken almost exactly one year ago on February 9, 2013.  We had a lot more snow one year ago and I headed out when the driving ban had finally lifted to explore the streets of Marblehead covered in snow. As I walked down Washington Street, I looked up Summer Street and saw the light of the sunset reflecting off the houses that neighbor St. Michael's Episcopal Church.  I walked up the hill and [...]

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Snow in Marblehead – The Three Icons

So far, November has been cold (bitterly so at times) but only a few flakes have hit the ground.  With twenty-five unpublished images of snow waiting to be shared, I thought I would take advantage of the seasonably cold weather to show some images of snow from years past. This image was taken on the morning of December 30, 2012.  Our first winter storm had gone through with expectations of 6 inches of snow to fall over the weekend.  We got a little less than that in Marblehead and the crews did a great job of clearing the streets.  I [...]

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The Magnolia Tree at Our Lady Star of the Sea

Wednesday, April 24th ended up being quite a busy day for me with multiple stops during which I tried to capture the first signs of Spring.  There's nothing like those first few days in which the trees start to blossom and the feel of a long, cold Winter begins to fade. On this particular day, I had started off shooting my favorite tree in town on Washington Street and then continue around town looking for more trees in full bloom.  This particular tree intrigued me as it seemed at just the right position from which I could also capture the [...]

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Gravestones and Cherry Blossoms at Harris Street Cemetery

Couldn't resist bringing out another image from my trip to the Harris Street Cemetery which I found in peak bloom at the end of April.  On this particular evening, I had gone to the cemetery in hopes of getting a shot of the almost full pink moon rising against the foreground of cherry blossoms. Before the moon could rise, I had to wait for the sun to set and, as it did, it lit up the cherry blossoms and surroundings in a great evening light.  I took a few shots around the cemetery but this one was a favorite.  I [...]

Tulips Rising Before St. Stephen’s Church

Earlier this week, I put up a number of framed, canvas and metal prints at the Starbucks where they will remain for the month and where I will be during the Marblehead Art Walk on Saturday from 1-4pm.  On my way home, I drove by the median where Lafayette and Humphrey merge into Pleasant Street and noticed the tulips had blossomed.  As I drove by, I also saw that there was a nice composition to be had by shooting the tulips with St. Stephen's Church as the backdrop and decided to return later in the week. On Tuesday, the sun [...]

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From the Rooftops – Through the Window of St Michaels Church

As I mentioned in yesterday's sunrise post, I spent the New Year of 2013 the same way I had started 2012 - climbing up to the top of the steeple of a church in Marblehead.  This time it was St Michaels and Steve Clay accompanied me.  We made it to the steeple only to find two barriers in the way - chicken wire and thick wooden louvres on each window.  I had noticed one window on the level below so we headed back down to see if there were any photos to be had there.  As I peered to the [...]

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From the Rooftops – The Cupola of Old North Church

It has been almost exactly one year since I made the trek up to the top of the Old North Church with Rhod Sharp.  It was New Years Day of 2012 when we climbed up to the cupola...only to find the interior fogged.  While Rhod managed to find a way out at the balcony below, I shot two images of the interior under dawn's light.  I shared the first a while back but decided to bring this image out as the New Year approaches. This will be my last image shared in 2012.  Come back to the page for my [...]

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