Spring in the Park

Two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 14th, I had visited Crocker Park with the hope of shooting a nice sunrise. I lucked out with the shot I shared this past Monday of the sun coming up behind Marblehead Light but when I turned my head, I spotted this incredible sky behind me and ran to capture images of it as well. I shared my first image from that morning as soon as I returned home but had a chance to visit the other shots from that morning and worked on this one last night. In the first shot, I had [...]

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Spring Sunrise at Crocker Park

A brand new photo from this morning's really fun outing! I wasn't sure how the morning would pan out when I set the alarm for 5:30 but had three locations in mind for shooting the sunrise. As I got in the car only 10 minutes before sunrise, I was disappointed not to see any color in the sky and quickly decided on Crocker Park as the best vantage point as the high clouds seemed to be moving west.I parked at the State Street landing and headed up to find a nearly empty park and a bit of color behind Marblehead [...]

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Under the Canopy at Harris Street

On the morning of April 27th, I arrived at the Harris Street cemetery to find the three cherry blossom trees at peak bloom and perfectly illuminated by the morning light. I spent the hour before work exploring angles and compositions to try to do some justice to the beautiful sight of these delicate pink flowers and the thoughts of spring that they immediately conjure. As I made my way out and toward the car, I grabbed my iPhone to share a quick view so others might stop and visit. When I did so, I spotted this composition and quickly switched [...]

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Lighting up the Harbor

Before a single firework is shot into the sky, Marblehead showcases its unique tradition of lighting up the harbor with flares.  I've photographed the view of red flares encircling Marblehead Harbor from the mainland each of the past few years but haven't had the chance to capture them from Marblehead Neck. On this Fourth of July, we had been invited out to the Neck for an Independence Day party and, as sunset passed, I excused myself and headed down to Corinthian Lane.  I found a familiar patch of hydrangea bushes and composed this scene.  Just before 8:45pm, the red flares [...]

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The Marblehead Museum

Today's image takes us back to last week and the repeated attempts to capture this flowering tree along Washington Street with Abbot Hall in the background.  I had finally hit upon peak blooms and great light on this third visit to the location across the street (in the garden of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion).  After capturing the vertical composition, I walked up Washington Street to see if there was solid horizontal view to be had.  I was quite pleased to find that I could fit in the Marblehead Museum and Abbot Hall in the frame with the flowering tree and [...]

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Spring Blossoms under St. Michael’s steeple

St. Michael's new steeple has been in place for less than a year and yet it looks right at home when looked at up close and as part of the skyline. I was out running errands on Wednesday morning and walked along Washington Street and by St. Michael's church when I looked to my right and noted a tree in full bloom.  I walked closer to check angles and compositions and was pretty sure this would 'work'.  After picking up some framed prints that had been at the Chamber of Commerce (and will be up at West Marine on Saturday [...]

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Blue Hydrangeas and Marblehead Harbor

What a difference three years makes.  I first spotted the blue hydrangeas on Peabody Lane in July 2011 and captured an image of the hydrangeas and Marblehead Harbor in the distance on an early July morning.  I had gone back each year but seemed to miss the peak of the flowers or caught poor light. On July 27, I had been chasing a sunset developing over Marblehead Harbor when I passed Peabody Lane and spotted the blue hydrangeas in full bloom.  I stopped while the sun was still fairly high in the sky but with clouds and haze serving to [...]

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The Bench under the Cherry Blossoms at Harris Street Cemetery

Last year, I discovered the three cherry blossom trees at the Harris Street cemetery and happened upon them at peak bloom.  The conditions had been perfect that year and I would end up spending three days capturing the beautiful trees in the early morning and late evening hours. I had mentioned then that cherry blossoms and forever linked to thoughts of Spring from having lived in Washington, DC for several years.  And so, after the incredibly long Winter we just had, I was looking forward to the display of pink flowers at Harris Street cemetery more than ever this year. [...]

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