The Maple tree at the Gatchell playground is a lot like that Charlie Brown tree.  It’s sad, probably dying but it’s also one of the first trees in town to change colors and always seems like it might surprise you and really ‘pop’ one of these years.

Last year was a pretty sad display and I photographed the tree by using a puddle to help keep focus on the lower half.  This year, I actually visited twice as the color was surprisingly good with most of the tree turning at the same time and very little leaf drop right off the bat.  The first shot showed more of an orange color and I decided to return a few days later.  This was the view on Saturday.

Rather than focus entirely on the tree, I decided to shoot from near the sidewalk and keep the sign for Gatchell playground in the foreground with the baseball field and scoreboard in the distance.  The tree here serves to add color and a sense of the season to this wider scene.

Hopefully the tree can be saved and made healthy once more.  If anyone has an ‘in’ at the Parks department, put in a good word for the Maple at Gatchell playground for me…