Devereux Beach Playground in the Fog

July 21st brought with it incredibly dense fog that one local described to me as a 'smokey sou'wester'.  I began photographing the fog at Grace Oliver beach and then made my way around Beacon Street.  When all of those compositions were exhausted, I made my way to Devereux Beach hoping for some foggy scenes along the ocean. By the time I arrived, the sun had started to move closer to the horizon and, with the dense fog, it appeared huge in the diffused light.  As I walked down the beach, I spotted this backlit scene of the Devereux Beach playground [...]

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Gatchell Playground and the Maple Tree

The Maple tree at the Gatchell playground is a lot like that Charlie Brown tree.  It's sad, probably dying but it's also one of the first trees in town to change colors and always seems like it might surprise you and really 'pop' one of these years. Last year was a pretty sad display and I photographed the tree by using a puddle to help keep focus on the lower half.  This year, I actually visited twice as the color was surprisingly good with most of the tree turning at the same time and very little leaf drop right off [...]

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Experimental Friday – The Devereux Beach Playground

I recently borrowed a friend's tilt-shift lens for a planned architectural shoot.  On the first day that I had the lens, some fog rolled in and I decided to try the lens out and see what it could accomplish.  The lens is used mainly to make sure lines line up straight but can be used in a more creative fashion to adjust the depth of field on an image and make objects appear smaller and toy-like.  With the fog, I decided this lens would allow me to capture the elements of the Devereux beach playground without the clutter of other [...]

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Fall Colors at the Bud Orne Playground

Here's a more recent image taken as the colors peaked around town.  I had noticed this great tree and its bright orange leaves one day as my son played flag football.  I wasn't able to photograph it at the time as the playground was wildly busy and decided to come by the next morning.  I found the place empty as if waiting in anticipation when I arrived.  While the trees had started to lose color at the top, they still had some nice leaves to serve as a backdrop to this great playground.

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From the Rooftops – Devereux Beach Carnival

The Senior High Carnival took place on Devereux Beach a bit earlier this year and, as expected, it rained...and rained.  From Thursday through Saturday we had either rain, thick fog or just raw conditions that made for less than ideal conditions for a carnival.  But, as in every other year, we got one perfect day on Sunday and the place was mobbed.  I burned through $40 in under an hour but the smiles on my kids' faces was worth it. They didn't realize it but I pocketed 4 tickets and came back in the late afternoon to take a ride [...]

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